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Over age 50, or thinking about it?

Over age 50, or thinking about it?

I just got my PSA test results for this year and happily, my numbers are great. 0.74 to be exact. I just wanted to remind all of you guys over 50 years of age to remember to have your PSA test and a digital exam. There’s a lot of really good information about Prostate health

here. So schedule the exam, bring your list of questions,and talk to your doctor. Do It!!

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Hey, 0.74 is beautiful. Good for you, clgp.

And thanks for the reminder to all of us.

You guys who have not had the PSA test yet (simple blood test) need to do it just to get a base read for future years’ comparison. Especially guys who have prostate cancer in their family histories.

As for the digital; it’s just a part of being a guy. Only lasts seconds. I’m lucky. I have a Korean uro. with little hands. :)



While you are at it, you might want to consider having your T tested as well, especially if your EQ has started to wane as it sometimes does in us older guys.

Separately, It is my personal theory that you guys with premature male pattern baldness are at a higher risk for elevated PSA results due to excess T. I say this at the risk of being accused of being prejudiced against follicularly impaired guys.

Good point dtwarren. Might as well get the testosterone checked, too.

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