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Newbie thinking of keeping a record with pics

Newbie thinking of keeping a record with pics

New to the forum. Great stuff. I was thinking about taking a picture or my starting size length and girth. And then updating it once a month. Is that ok to do? I’m thinking down the road “if” I get results it will help motivate members. Also is it a fair measurement if I straighten my penis out? I have a slight upward curve it’s about 6 3/4 and if I straighten it I get 7.

It’s a great thing to do especially if you measure the same way every time. You can see the difference as time goes by. I wish I had taken pictures of my pre PE size because I’ve completely forgotten what it was like.

Straighten it out if you like or measure along the curve with a measuring tape instead of a ruler. Just make sure you’re consistent with your measuring.

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I’m going to measure from the top and push the ruler in so I get max measurement. That’s how the newbie section says to go about it. To do that I need a ruler so I guess I will straiten it. Thanks for the reply

Definitely take starting pics (wish I had). Monthly updates might be too often- if taking pictures is as big a pain in the arse for you as it is for me, then it definitely will!

Good luck regardless.

Do it!

I regret not taking starting pics.

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