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Newbie, uncircumcision, ED and curvature

Newbie, uncircumcision, ED and curvature

Hey y’all, I’m just in my second day of PE. I’ve been doing jelqs in the shower and stretches. I have a cheap (pumpworx) pump I picked up a few weeks ago to try and help with ED. After doing some research for tips, I stumbled across this site. I have to admit I’m skeptical, as I’m sure everyone is and or was.

I recently turned 32 and my solider don’t salute like he did a few years ago. It’s quite annoying and my wife thinks it’s her, which it’s not. In not sure if I’m shrinking with age, or r ED is the cause, but I swear I’ve lost about a 1/2 inch due to Ed. On top of that, I have a slight curvature to the left.

On to the questions: I’m uncircumcised, so when I do these stretches that say to grab an inch below your glands and not your head, it’s a little tricky for me. For those of you who are cut may not understand. When your uncut you get what is called a gliding effect. A way to explain this is like.. Well, have you ever seen those tube like squishy, rubber toys filled with water and when you try to hold it, it rolls right out of your hand? That’s very similar to being uncut and trying to squeeze yourself, or hold yourself when doing stretches. The extra skin will stretch, but the actual penis don’t. So I have to pull the skin back and hold right at my glands or I can’t stretch. Is this OK?

Jelqing is different too. Because of the gliding effect, I really don’t need lube. It’s kinda great. I couldn’t imagine pleasuring myself from friction strokes lol. Anyways is their anyone here uncut that has had gains doing everything recommend on this site?

Now for the curvature. I’m pretty sure it’s from self pleasure, but honestly I can’t remember if it’s always been curved or not. Will jelqing help this, or any other things I could do that would help. Preferably people with experience.

Last and certainly not least. I’m looking to gain girth. I’m roughly 4” in girth and I absolutely hate it. I’m around 7 in length. Of course I’d like to add length, but girth is main priority. What’s some good things for girth? I’m not in position to pump for hours a day. I get my shower time and that’s about it. Thanks in advance y’all and nice site

I am uncut and I have a (not so) slight left curvature. I find dry jelqs are easier to perform and more effective.

About your pump, a gauge is mandatory if you have ED, because with too high pressures you could do more harm than good. Check this thread
Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

About stretching, I grab right under the glans: I make use of a V-grip which I find more comfortable; see this thread
Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

you have to retract your foreskin when strethcing.

I think curvature is not a problem, but if that worries you so much you can do a search for curve*, title only.

For solid girth gains nothing beats jelqing IMO.

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