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Irritated hair follicle?

Irritated hair follicle?

As the title states I believe I have an irritated hair follicle or something of the sort on the side of my penis, near the base. I am one who (I think) has a fair number of useless hair follicles pretty much all over my shaft, similar to those shown in the first picture in this thread: Need help - little balls on my penis.

Although it is near the base of my shaft where I actually have ones with hair, this particular one does not. It is slightly red and hurts a bit when I touch it. I think my jelqing may have caused the irritation; it crossed my mind during my session a couple days ago.

So I’m looking for confirmation that I’ve correctly identified what I have here, and also some opinions on what I should do with it. Thanks

Also be careful shaving or trimming shaft hair— ingrown hairs tend to occur more the curlier the offending hair.

Also be careful about PEing too soon after a dick grooming session— trim perhaps last thing of the day- or maybe an hour after PEing.

I’ve had to take a pass on pussy due to minor skin irritations on my shaft that all occurred as a result of trimming prior to PEing

And as a courtesy to TP I have repeated the sequence enough to have established a causal relationship. ;)

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In regards to shaving or trimming, what is the consensus of properly grooming the shaft and scrotal sac?

I personally had a painful experience shaving just my inner medial thigh area and it resulted in an infected hair follicle. Never wanting anybody to go through that experience esp. On the unit, what is the method of choice to properly avoid this. I presume using a razor to shave is too close of a trim to increase my chances of an infected follicle on my shaft or sac, but an electric razor is getting a little adventurous? What do you guys recommend?

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