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J Meister's Grooming Routine for Pubic Hair

J Meister's Grooming Routine for Pubic Hair

Pubic hair grooming for men seems to be growing in popularity. A recent Men’s
Journal article addressed this very issue:…y_grooming.html

For PEers, trimming pubic hair has benefits on several levels. First of all, trimming
back all that hair makes your package look bigger and more powerful, as
mentioned in the Men’s Journal article. Second, removing shaft hair and the hair
around the base of the penis makes jelquing and stretching much more
comfortable and promotes a better seal for pumping. Third, shaving the scrotum
makes cock ring wear much more comfortable and enjoyable—no more pulled or
pinched hairs.

Over the years, I have developed a personal grooming routine for pubic hair. I
don’t use any chemicals like Nair or similar products. The only equipment needed
are a pair of tweezers, a razor, shaving cream, scissors, an electric beard and
moustache trimmer, and a fine-toothed comb. The three key words to the
process are “pluck, shave and trim.”

1. Pluck
Every 3 or 4 days, using a pair of tweezers, I pluck all the shaft hair and hair
around the base of penis. I like to pluck out a 1/2” margin around the base of the penis. I have found that shaving the shaft and base makes it very itchy,
especially around the base of the penis. Tweezing these hairs is much longer
lasting. Over time, your shaft hair will grow back finer and finer. For you
pantywaists who think it’s going to hurt, get over it! Once you’re used to the
sensation, it doesn’t hurt at all.

2. Shave
Every two weeks, I take my trusty Gillette Mach III razor into the shower to give
the twins a much-deserved shave. Using my wife’s Skintimate shave gel, I spread the lather all over my scrotum and “taint” and carefully shave the scrotum,
including the taint. I also like to shave carefully around my anus, so that I am
nice and clean for the occasional rim job! I like to shave the entire scrotal sac,
up to where the scrotum meets the body.

3. Trim
Some of photos posted on this site show the pubic hair above the penis and balls reduced to a mere stubble, with lots of skin visible. I am not a fan of that look.
Using a pair of beard/moustache scissors, I cut the remaining pubic hair down to
approximately 1 1/4” in length. I like to have hair covering where the scrotum
meets the body. I think that it looks much better and more natural covered by
the pubic patch. Using the electric beard and moustache trimmer at its closest
setting (without the beard attachment), I trim off the hair on the top part of my
upper thighs, down to just below where my package ends. I also trim where the
legs meet the pelvic structure. This makes the entire package more prominent.
After dampening the pubic patch of hair, I trimmed the remaining hair into an arch shape that nicely frames dick and balls. I also use the trimmer to trim down the
hair on my abdomen. The reason for using the electric beard and moustache
trimmer is to avoid razor bumps and all the issues associated with them. Once the arch-shaped (or whatever shape you choose) patch of pubic hair is defined, you
can use the razor to get a cleaner line, if desired. Use caution with the razor on
pelvic skin, it’s easy to get razor bumps. That being said, I’ve never had any
problem with razor bumps on my scrotum. I do the trim portion of my routine,
once or twice a week or whenever it starts to get stubbly.

That’s all there is to it. It may seem like a lot of time is involved, but you don’t
have to do it all at once. Once you get your look how you want it, it’s fairly easy
to maintain. You will feel sexier, your significant other will love you for it, you may even get more oral!

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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It is also helpfull for putting on and removing cock rings..

I like the Mach III Turbo (great shave and it last longer as well.)

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

One other tip if you’re using a razor: stretch the skin as you shave. If I’m flaccid I pull my dick out and shave around the base, or for my scrotum I pull the skin taut so it’s not so wrinkly. And, the best time to shave your dick is when you have a good erection.

I haven’t had a cut since I started using the Mach III, great design.

I’ve sort of given up on the Magic shaving powder. Not that it doesn’t work, but you have to be careful not to get it on other hairy parts (like legs).

I’ve always used the blue disposable ones ,while taking a hot shower.Never had any nicks cuts.Something about high speed spinning blades doesn’t sound right.

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