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I'm giving up

I have tried EVERYTHING

I’ve done pt-141, got bloodwork done 3 times, all hormones are fine.
Done test boosters
Done test-e hrt
Diets great
Done f*cking hypnosis for christ sake.
Done everything trust me

Originally Posted by Formula1
I used to work out a little but had to stop about a year or so ago when my Chronic Fatigue got worse. Now I am so tired I just can’t get motivated to do anything. My first stop as soon as I get home from work is the couch for an hour or two for a nap. I start getting drowsy on the drive home. I almost doze off several times at work. On the weekends I will sleep for 10 or 11 hours but will still have to take 1 or 2 naps throughout the day.

I know you said your T level was ok. but your symptoms sure sound like you need a T shot.

Despite what tiger says, I STRONGLY recommend seeing a doctor to check you testosterone levels man. Everything you tell us, describes a typical case of low T. This is a VERY common condition and nowadays is super easy to treat. I respect your decision, but can’t help to advice to give this a try as a final attempt. Cheers,


Mar 2012


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Yeah, and I did Test-e injection. Didn’t work. Because my test was fine.

Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony
I have never heard of anyone who could benefit more from GINSENG (it will give you the energy you need, and might boost sex drive too). I am a personal trainer and I can work with you some on PM if you actually have an interest in working out.

I’ve been taking Korean Ginseng up until a few weeks ago when it ran out. The main reason I was taking it was to boost energy and try to avoid getting drowsy during the day. Hasn’t helped that at all. I’ll think about the working out thing and get back with you, Thanks.

Originally Posted by bluray
Living with no air conditioning has cured my chronic fatigue feeling, do you like to keep your thermostat set low?

No I don’t. I get cold real easy and that includes too much a/c in the summer. I keep it set at about 74 degrees.

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Hey Formula1 I know you have been battling this for years. But it’s sure sounds like your testosterone levels are way low, and 155 at 6ft is real skinny, 180 would be a much better weight for you as long as it was muscle.

I’ve had my T checked numerous times and it always comes back middle of the scale.

Originally Posted by whatever20
The first thing I can tell you from my experience is that there are definitely some things that conventional medicine can’t treat, and that there are good doctors out there as well as half-assed ones, just like any other professions.

I did the whole circuit of getting blood tests and scopes done every few weeks, for about a year and a half. Then, I went to an integrative guy (an MD) who has a completely different way of diagnosing problems. Found out that I had a parasite and some excess metals in my body. I am currently in the middle of a parasite die-off, but I am already feeling a lot better.

What’s an integrative doctor?

Originally Posted by whatever20
Are you guys having any other symptoms? Low energy, fatigue, etc? Or just low sex drive?

Both of those along with loss of strength. Back in 2002 before I got sick in July, I was playing golf 4 times a week during the summer and during the winter I played basketball at least 3 times a week. At 36 I was quicker and faster than I was at 21. I was hitting my driver about 280 yards or so. I have that sudden illness and I started getting weaker immediately. By January of 2003 I had to quit basketball because it was just a struggle to run anymore for any kind of time. When spring rolled around I noticed that my golf game was suffering because my distance was coming down, quickly. I tried playing the rest of that summer but I could only hit my driver about 200 yards at best. The game quit being fun anymore when I couldn’t reach par 4’s of 400 yards or so in 2 shots. So I quit.

It just seems over the last 8 years I’m getting weaker and weaker. The fatigue is increasing.

From what I understand, integrative medicine considers what might benefit your body, instead of just taking a look at what you’re lacking. In my case, it was a parasite, and my body responded greatly to an anti-parasite med. For a year and a half I felt like I was going to die.. But with this new doctor I am feeling great. Not 100% yet but very good.

Our bodies are so complex that there are SO many areas where there could be a problem.. And unfortunately the only explanation offered by most modern doctors is “lets get some blood work done” and “I can put you on this antidepressant.”

If you can afford shelling out a few hundred bucks you should absolutely do it. I’m not sure if I am allowed to give a doctor’s name on the forum but he was voted best doctor in the city by many of our local magazines.

Modern medicine is far from being omniscient! I know someone saying she tried EVERYTHING to alleviate back pains, going to countless doctors for decades, without success. Then tried acupuncture, which got her relief in a matter of minutes… Not a permanent healing, but lasting a few months and the cure to be repeated again. Worth trying!

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Hello F1,

Are you on any kind of medicine like antidepressant or antiinflammatories?

Could you provide us with a list of medicine you are on mate?

Also, I would like to point out (adding salt to injury) if you adopt a defeatist attitude things would not improve. The place where all your desires and sex drive reside is your brain.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Don’t let them fool you Testosterone on the lab is not testosterone it is really just all your hormones. Look for free testosterone that is your real value but more importantly dihidotestosterone is 5 times more potent that regular T and that determines libido more.

Originally Posted by Formula1
This week marked the 8th anniversary of the total collapse of my system and the loss of my sexual desire after a sudden mysterious illness.

The details can be found in post #51 here.

Formula1 - cialis overdose

After 8 long years of going to many different types of doctors, after spending thousands of dollars on various drugs and supplements, I’m tired of chasing it. I’ve had enough. This is just mother nature’s way of telling me that this is the way I’m going to be the rest of my life. I turn 45 next month and it’s time to stop thinking about and worrying about sex anyway.

Once I’ve taken all the stuff I currently have in my cupboard, I’m not ordering anything else.

If I were seeing any type of progress at all then it would be another story and I would still continue on. But nothing has worked. Instead of feeling better I just feel worse.

I hate to see you give up. I also hate to see you spend more $$$$ on things that are not working for you. Before you give up why don’t you give ” Golden Root” a try.

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Originally Posted by padawan
Hello F1,

Are you on any kind of medicine like antidepressant or antiinflammatories?

Could you provide us with a list of medicine you are on mate?

Also, I would like to point out (adding salt to injury) if you adopt a defeatist attitude things would not improve. The place where all your desires and sex drive reside is your brain.

No kinds of meds like that.

I don’t take anything regularly. All I take is a Relpax for whenever I have a severe headache. I also have the generic version of Floricet for smaller headaches to try to keep them from getting to a real head banger and having to take a Relpax. Other than those two I don’t take anything.


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