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I'm an attractive 20 year old guy thats impotent and suffers from PE

I'm an attractive 20 year old guy thats impotent and suffers from PE

I really can’t take this anymore….not really a way to live a good life.

Ive always had some problems with having a 100% hard on, and with PE. Lately I’ve just been avoiding sex because I just don’t like dealing with the embarrasment of not getting it up or blowing my load 5 seconds after I start having sex. There have been 5 or 6 girls in the past month and a half that would spend the night, and I wouldn’t do anything just because I didn’t want to deal with the embarrasment of poor sexual performance.

Last night I had this SMOKING HOT girl spend the night, we started going at it, and I had nothing. I literally had nothing except a 100% limp dick.

I really don’t know what to do here, and it really is quite depressing. The thought of being able to get hard when I want, and blow a load when I want is just inimagineable to me.

I am very physically fit, box, and weightlift on a rigourous schedule, and don’t take any medications. I don’t even have morning wood, and sometimes have trouble getting a full hard when masterbating.

Please, give me some options here. I just downloaded some hypnosis off the internet that I”m going to try, and I’m thinking about going to the acupuncurist. I’m willing to do ANYTHING it takes to get this fixed, as it really is ruining a lot of aspects in my life (confidence, etc.)

I think the best thing to do is run down to the doctor’s and have him run some tests on you.

I had an undecended testicle when I was born and went to get a checkup on everything about 6 months ago. I mentioned the problem I’ve been having, and he just said that a lot of times these things are due to stress, anxiety, and left it at that.

Originally Posted by Michael34786
I think the best thing to do is run down to the doctor’s and have him run some tests on you.

I second that, get some blood work done.

Forget any commerically-oriented hypnosis for this; forget accupuncture for this.

If you have failures in sex, you’ll just have more of them because “performance anxiety” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

See a doctor and not just any doctor. Find yourself a good urologist who specializes in sexual dysfunction. Make a list of the things that don’t work the way you expect (like no morning wood; like poor erections when masturbating; premature ejaculation; whatever), copy the list and hand one copy to the doctor when you have your exam. That way, being nervous, you are not going to forget something important you wanted to tell him and you can go through the list together.

You will be glad later that you did yourself this favor and so will a lot of girls.



what can the doctor do? I don’t want have to rely on medication.

Having your testesterone level checked might be useful. If that’s something to do with that, you may want to try zaneblue’s diet (which is really good) plus some L-arginine. Since you don’t have morning wood, I don’t think that’s to do with performance anxiety.

Actually , you don't have to be ready to do sex anytime, your current situation must be the result of some facts,whatever. I would advice you to avoid sex situations (short-term). Until you work on it.

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Tape a strip of paper around your dick. Let us know if it broken in the morning. I’m curious.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by themighty5
what can the doctor do? I don’t want have to rely on medication.

A good doctor can figure out what is going with you much better than you can. Don’t worry about medications yet. You don’t even know what’s going on.



How often do you masturbate?
How do you masturbate?
Do you pull the skin with the stroke?
Or do you stroke over the skin?
How hard do you masturbate?
Do you ejaculate when masturbating?

Believe me masturbating can have a huge aspect in you’re performance problems. I’ve not had any significant problems as an adult with erection quality while with a women. I did have bad erections as a teenager however. I learned my lesson when I was a teenager, I had sex with semi hard erections because of frequent, and hard masturbating.

If you’re not masturbating very often, I’d say you do in fact have a problem. However if you are frequently masturbating, you should cut back and see if you’re erections dont get better.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

If your doctor will not address the problem (by running testosterone tests) because he thinks you are too young to have a deficiency, perhaps you should try a supplement that boosts the natural production of the hormone. I have had some success with AndroD Gel. It is marketed for body builders, but it has had a very possitive effect on my level of arousal and the quality of my erections. As a side benefit I have also gained visible muscle mass without any change to my workout routine.

The premature ejaculation is another issue altogether. Try doing a search on “edging”. Once you have the ED problem sorted out, you may need to work on your climax control. I am currently trying this one myself, and it seems to be helping a lot.


"Debate the idea..."

When do go see a doctor, have him check you for diabetes.

Dear friend.

I am sure that prompt you were finding the way of solving it. You are very young and the disorders of erection are in the habit of happening to any age. I believe (I am a doctor) that you do not have hormonal problems. Only it is necessary to to be something of anxiety.

It is good to do an examination and to reject hormonal disorders.

Always there is a good exit for the sexual dysfunction. Do not worry

Pud :very good questions!!!!. Answers us Themigth!!!. I dont belive that acupunture or hypnosis can help you in this case.

Sildenafil ( viagra) could be a good option.-Of course you are not going to use it always.

Good luck.

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

Good point Discreetblack!

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

there are two reasons why you are impotent.

physical cause: you have a circulation problem that physically affects your penis and so you cannot acheive an erection
psychological cause: you have everything working, its just your mind, you are anxious, or you have been tortured or abused and you can get an erection.

to find out:- do you have erections in the morning?
if you do then you can rule out the physical cause being a problem, its all in your mind. if its a physical cause, you wont have morning wood,

go see your urologist about these problems, its his duty as a doctor to adress them!

see your doc regularly for your undecended testis: undecended testis has in increased chance of testicular cancer, and it doesnt hve to be in the testis that didnt descend properly, dont worry, testicular cancer is very very treatable with the British treatment approach to this! 90% or there-abouts)


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