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Hormones levels, lack of libido (and EQ)

Hormones levels, lack of libido (and EQ)

I’m curious to know what do you think of these levels, I’m 24 and my libido (not to mention EQ, the two are most likely connected) is just horrendous.
I can avoid releasing for more than a week without doing anything and sexual desire is still pretty low (+ no morning wood etc..).
I stopped all kind of PE for 2 months and a half, no porn either , and it has not really helped.

12.5 ng/mL
5.8 ng/mL = 58 ng/dL
TSH u.s.
3.74 microUI/mL
Free test
14.5 pg/mL 50pmol/L = 1.45 ng/dl 0.05 nmol/L
6 ng/mL 21 nmol/L

Tell me if you need the levels to be converted, I’ll easily do it using this site

From what I understand prolactin is a bit high and test is in the normal range for an elder man.
I will exercise more, sleep better . Less than a year ago my vit D levels were too low (I saw it could be connected to testosterone production) , since then I basked in the sun during the summer but that was a long time ago.
Also if you have any ideas why libido and EQ are close to non existent, I will listen (it has been this way for months).
I was told multivitamins and fish oil supplements wouldn’t hurt.

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It would be nice to know your serum Vit D3 levels because some additional supplement may be necessary. But to answer your question regarding opinions here about the analysis you posted, you’ll get comments all over the map. Your blood work is a basic start, but I think additional info such as D3, estrogen and some thyroid info would be in order. And then it should be reviewed with you with your MD or better yet, an endocrinologist. Also, a psychological review/test is in order. This is not a negative thing regarding mental condition but just competent and thorough medical standard of practice. You are young and this is why seeking advice here is worthless. You need and deserve some definitive, scientific answers.

Thank you for your reply, I thought about what you said but too late, the mods seldom delete threads .

What is considered normal range for test levels is very wide from what I understand, this is why I wanted to ask in the first place.

I’ll see if the doc says anything worth interest.

Also, Walter, I keep all my medical test results in a folder just to keep track over the years. Here in the USA, your lab or doctor can give you a copy of the blood tests values. I always get copies of lab tests and operative reports from any surgeries, etc. On that computer printout are listed your results and a “normal” range. This makes comparison easy. However, sex drive and performance are difficult to pin down in some cases. For example, here have been some men with low testosterone but with compulsive sex syndrome.

Ok thanks I also have a printed version of my results, with a suggested normal range (20 - 45 yo man have the same one ).

For me having good red meat for a few weeks will get you more aggressive.. Ad then possibly the libido.

If your single get more women or go on the dating thing on xhamster and have fun, thatl bring mr libido back.

My replacement shots make me crazy horny. Now that my levels are normal it’s too easy to get an erection.

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