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Gray hair


Gray hair

Hi, guys! I have a problem with gray hair. I am in my high twenties and I have them on my head and some even on my balls. This really bothers me and I would really like to change that, I am too young for this.

I am an athletic guy who plays sports, workouts and enjoys active life, but I went through a big dose of stress in my life. Since I was 13years I was participating (had no choice) in gang fights and was always on the lookout because the conflict was about to happen everywhere. Could not drink any alcohol or stuff like that because I had to be ready to fight in any moment…..and that is how I pretty much spent my puberty, then I moved out and that was it.

And now I’m a sad and shy guy (not so shy like when I was in my teens) who keeps worrying for no reason. People tell me that I look handsome, take care of myself and ask me what do I do to look like this but deep in my mind I don’t believe them…..I guess its just me. I got little carried away with typing this. Anywhy.

Looking up on the internet for gray hair remedy, I saw that there is no help to this, but also I discovered this video

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in which some guy tells that gray hair is caused by copper and zinc inbalance in our body and taking those minerals will restore the natural color, and it gave me some hope. Well, I have tried it by taking those supplements for over 3 months with no positive effect at all. Anyone dealing with the same problem? I Really need your help, guys.

There is a study ongoing in which scientists have been able to cause mice to restore their original hair color, no matter their age. We’re years away from getting humans to do that. As you know, most of premature greying is genetically linked.

For now, think about dying it. Lots of guys do it. No shame in that.



Oh this is a tough one because I know what you are going through. I don’t know if it is genetic but my mother was fullly gray at sixteen and me at about twenty-one. The cool part is I could buy alcohol without ID before twenty-one even in state liquor stores. The not so cool part was occasionally being told by ladies that were three or four years younger that I was old enough to be their father.

It gets better as you get older. The gray hair starts to match your age. The solution I chose? Go to a really good hair salon and do a gray cover up regulary. Dyes always looked weird on me but they do have things that cover up gray that don’t technically dye your hair. I am sorry I don’t know the correct term for what it is but they will know if you consult with them.

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Avocet, I can’t be dying my hair as I would have to keep them long. I rather keep them nice and short.

Nowhereman, did you look for any solutions to battle this problem?

Anyone else have this issue?

You can color short hair. If you can figure out how to reuse the color then you could get extra uses out of one bottle.

Just for Mens is great. I use it every two weeks.

There is a traditional Chinese herb that often helps premature greying. I forget what it is called.

Originally Posted by Braingasm

There is a traditional Chinese herb that often helps premature greying. I forget what it is called.

Apparently it does not benefit memory, then.

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To answer your question turnau, I never did look for any solution to gray hair. In my twenties I looked at is mostly a positive. The only negative was when women my age called me “sir”. In my thirties I just started using a gray hair cover up when I when I went to get my haircut. Dyes always made my hair look kind of blue since I have almost jet black hair naturally but the anti-gray treatments worked well compared to an actual dye.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

I say get over it. I’m 49 and I’ve had greys since my late 20s. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m fit and healthy. Luckily the pubic greys are concentrated in the area where the shaft joins the scrotum on the sides, which I shave anyway.

I apologize for the typos in my last post. I had just woken up and was dealing with some roofers at the same time.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

I say shave the balls and that will get rid of the grays there. Don’t worry about the ones on your head. When you start losing them no matter what color they are, then it’s time to worry.

I believe the herb is called He Shou Wu. But i have no idea if it actually works.

My thoughts exactly, joesnuffy.

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