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Gray hair


Originally Posted by Lampwick

Apparently it does not benefit memory, then.


I started going gray in high school. Never really bothered me cause it set me apart from the crowd and some chicks actually dig it.

Research Blackstrap Molasses. Tried it for a time and thought it was darkening my gray hair in areas. Gave it up cause hated the taste of it plus it was just a phase I went though.

I was given a tip on gray hair a long time ago that I never tested out, but is worth trying.

500 mg PABA (B10)
50 mg Vitamin B6
500 mg Pantothenic Acid (B5)
This is your daily dose.

I would add to that full spectrum minerals though amino acid chelates and kelp.

For the minerals, I think one of your best is Solaray’s Multi Mineral Asporotates. Add to that any clean water Kelp tablets like from Iceland.

For the minerals, take the max dose recommended. For the kelp, double the dose.

Try it for about 6 months and see if you see changes, at worst it will improve your health, at best it just may restore your normal color.

Thanks for the recommendations Sparkyx! I’ve gone ahead and ordered a bunch of the supplements as per your suggestion and look forward to seeing what develops.

Just a heads up though. I’ve read on several health websites that taking more than 400mg of PABA should be avoided due to toxicity issues. Thought I’d share.

I am much older than the OP but my head hair has grayed quite a bit in the last years. What I don’t like is the gray pubs. I would rather shave them but wife doesn’t like the “prepubescent”. She doesn’t mind me trimming as much as shaving. I am not going to dye my pubs though. Wish I could find an easy way to have smooth balls though. Sort of nervous about even trimming there.

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The best remedy for unwanted gray hair is a razor… shave it off.

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As others have said I would look into dying your hair even though you have it short. I would also like to say that many many women really like a guy with some grey hair especially women 30 and up. I always say it’s not grey that I am afraid of it’s bald, but some women like bald guys too.

I’m 27 though and I completely understand your aversion to grey being in your late 20’s. I want to date women from 18-25 and that age range usually doesn’t like grey hair. So if I were going grey I would dye my hair for sure. Actually I would probably dye my hair until I’m in my 40’s.

Just backing up my earlier statement. Just go to a quality hair salon and consult them and problem solved. It may be an actual dye or a gray cover up that is right for you. I don’t know which but they will help you. Keeping your hair short is actually a positive since either solution will need touched up about every six weeks. As I stated earlier, I turned gray at twenty one and that solution has always worked for me. For my beard I use Just for Men about once a week.

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There is a product called “Camouflage” that covers up the gray without looking fake. Your hairdresser can fix you up.

Hi, guys! I forgot about this thread for some reason. Anywhy.

Cya at 8, I know about that, now I need to find out how to increase this Catalase in my body.

Braingasm, I think this herb is called “He Shou Wu” as Davesj1 said. It has a lot of Zinc in it.

Nowhereman, I will look into dying my hair, but I keep the “military” style haircut and got it done once a week. So I would have to dye them once a week :/ . My hair grows very quick.

TLCtugger, I am mostly concern about my scalp hair, not my pubes.

CockKent, I will look into Blackstrap Molasses, this sounds hopeful.

Sparkyx, I’ll check it out.

Perform421, I usually shave my pubes around balls anywhy, just for estetics.

Grx, I was shaving my head bald with razor or with electric shaver (every 2 weeks) since I was around 13years old till I turned 17-18Yo. I need to keep some hair on my head because I don’t wanna “skin head” look anymore, I need to cover the scars and I don’t like being called “the criminal” anymore (people judge too much)”.

Damien, I see we are almost in the same age. Yes, dating younger women is tough since they spot the gray hair and that’s a wrap. Just 3 weeks ago I met 20 years old girl and she said she didn’t believe my age and “I wasn’t her type” ,….maybe was scared of my bulge sticking out lol. You are right about women being 30 and up though, I was with one, she was 35 years old and told me she likes it. Good I don’t like younger women since they’re too “childish” (to me atleast).

Hardman and others, Thank You guys big time for help!

If anyone has any more suggestions, please post them up, I will be very thankful.

I am starting to grey a bit.

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Originally Posted by iamaru

I am starting to grey a bit.

How old are you, ‘Ru?

I am closing in on 50. You really have to look for the occasional grey/white in my hair. But they are their.

I will often grow in a <2 week old goatee and then shave it off. The dozen or so white hairs I have in that tend to stand out a bit. If I grow a longer goatee or a full beard they tend to blend in with the faint scattering of auburn in my brunette.

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