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Frenulum & glans question

Frenulum & glans question

Hello guys, as silly as this may seem, I have been 18 years without seeing my penis head properly and now that I’m recovered from my operation, I have a couple of things that have confused me.

1.) My frenulum, perhaps, still post operative swelling is quite protruding (if that is the correct word). My frenulum seems to be larger than it should be or is this not a big issue? Masturbation around that area is “nicely” sensitive, I just hope it won’t be a problem for sex.

2.) Secondly, do you guy moisture your penis? Perhaps it is due to the amount of salt baths I’ve had to have to aid my healing, but I see at times I am a bit dry around the glans. Would it be perfectly normal to moisture the skin around it?

It sounds like you have things under control. No problem with the frenulum, everyone has some distinctive qualities about their soldier. Yes, many use some type of moisturizing cream during the PE battle. Jelqing with all the hand action will dry out the areas around the glans, so it is a good practice to apply skin cream.

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