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Electrosex Devices

Electrosex Devices

Has anyone tried any of the electrosex devices? One site with information about a number of them is They seem very interesting, but expensive. I am not interested in them for PE, but for purely sexual stimulation purposes. However, it would also be interesting if they could be used for PE purposes.

If anyone has experience with them, I would appreciate your sharing that experience.

I’ve bought a Vita Tronic TENS device with the following technical data.
Output voltage: idle: 0 to 80 V
With 500 ohm terminating resistor
Pulse amplitude: measured at 500 ohm termination resistor, 0 to 90 MA
(Max. Output power)
Frequency: 1-250 Hz

With this device, I get an orgasm trigger.
I attach one electrode under the foreskin where my frenulum was (or I put up a metal rod into the urethra), and I push the other electrode, insulated except for the front page in the anus. With this arrangement, I can stimulate the prostate optimal.
The electrode for the prostate I have a Caipirinja Eismörser 20 cm long metal handicrafts themselves. To this end, I’ve isolated the upper thin end with electrical tape so that only the thick front panel is not insulated. This end is then inserted into the anus to the prostate.
Caipirinja iron mortar the metal as you get in the kitchen accessories trade Hoarding at a price of around 12 €.
Have a look at this link.

By the way, the polarity can be selected by feel. Personally, I have achieved good results during a season in which I + - I reversed (the polarity).
Just Try it once.
By the way, the sperm running me out anyway, almost without an orgasm, but that seems to be normal at 71 years and 27458 masturbation.

Masturbation is better than sex!

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