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Cancer Warning signs

Hey willb10,

I didn’t know that removing the prostate affects length that much. Did the doctors discuss this with you before or after surgery? Did they point at anything you can do to repair this? And how did you find out about PE?

It’s so great that you were diagnosed in time. How old are you and how often have you been checking your psa ?

You’re most welcome here, it’s no doubt THE place to help you achieve your goal.

BTW, Great handle - I wonder where the ispiration was from? :D

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I’m 62 years and have been doing annual psa tests for about five years. Last summer my internist didn’t like the one year increase and had me come back for a six month retest. At six months I was up to psa = 3.8, still not considered high. When I finally got to the urologist he said we wouldn’t know anything without a biopsy. Half the biopsy samples were positive. All this time there were no other symptoms except a decrease of ejaculate which they never asked about.

Surgery was recommended and they said it was the only treatment that gave them the ability to examine the prostate and determine the extent of the cancer. I was lucky, the cancer never left the prostate and I can expect to remain prostate cancer free for the rest of my life.

They warned me that erections would not be as hard as the pre surgery ones, once they returned, if they returned. Sensitivity would be reduced and we didn’t talk about length. I knew they would be removing the portion of the urethra that passes through the prostate and then reconnecting the bladder to the urethra. I believe the length can be easily stretched. It’s possible that some of the loss was due to several months without any PE or pumping even though I thought the gains were and seemed to be permanent however, girth never changed.

I’ve been pumping for about five years and spent six months doing real PE - manual stretching, jelqing and (Bib) hanging. I’ve been lurking here for a while and have joined a couple of the more respected PE sites. By now I feel comfortable in the knowledge I’ve gained from these groups. I started short but unmeasured. Probably about four inches and worked my up to 6.5 EBP. Pumping I started out lost in a 2x9 and could pump up to about 5.5” in length. Before the surgery I was stuffing a 2.25 up to nearly 8 inches. In addition to the roughly 2.5 gain in length I added at least an inch in girth. Now, I stuff the lower few inches of a 2.25 tube and can pump up to about 7.25 - 7.5 in length. I haven’t started real PE again yet. I feel that I want to heal some more before I start that again. I expect to gain back what I lost and more.

On the home front, erections returned within a month after surgery which is not common. With the help of Viagra, my wife is happy. None of the other cautioned side effects ever happened. The most important thing is to get tested, regularly. Also, if you need to have surgery, take the time to find the best surgeon possible, someone who does these frequently.

It’s been eleven weeks since surgery so I have to be patient. My energy is mostly back. I can walk several miles without a problem and today I (sea) kayaked well over ten miles with no problem. I’ll start biking in October.


I did some reading on this Prostate Message Board, and knowing the statistics it’s alarming to see so many guys affected by it one way or another. I am 52, and after reading all this I am definitely going to ask the doctor to check the PSA .

You were fortunate to get off the hook. I admire your positive spirit fighting the side effects too. Surely being a PEer for 3 years you know all about patience and determination in reaching your goals. From your post it seems that you are doing a great job. I hope a lot of guys here will read your story, it is the optimistic side of the prostate threat we all face.

Thanks for taking the time to write it and I wish you good luck in restoring your length, and more :up:

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I’m 77 and crossed the 4.0PSA threshold 6 years ago, electing the watch and wait since i enjoy sex so much. Anyhoo, during the subsequent 6 years PSA has gradually increased to the 9 to 10 range, with the ratio at .06 free to bound which is really bad. Have stabilized the PSA for over a year w/o change by taking daily 50mg phygeum; 400mcg selenium; 1500mg msm; 320mg saw palmetto; 20mg lycopene and just started 1500mg 49% catechins from green tea. It undoubtedly will get me eventually but the quality of life also enters the equation.

I considered the quality of life issue also. With my genes and low blood pressure, I’m looking for another 40 or so years. This seemed to offer the best shot at reaching that. Although my first choice was radioactive seed implants, they couldn’t begin to offer the same assurance as a post surgery pathology exam of the removed prostate. That exam would tell me and them whether or not additional treatment was desirable. One good side benefit turned out to be that with no ejaculate, I can do what I want, where and whenever I want to without leaving any trace. The size is still adequate and when I am confident enough to tug as hard as I want to, will become more than adequate again.

Good luck with your herbs and minerals. I believe that if you can find the right combination you will be able to reverse the tumor’s growth.

I’ve followed the development of a cancer vaccine based on telemerase by Geron Corp since 1997. They have finally done both stages of human tests using the vaccine with outstanding results. Hopefully the FDA with permit its use within the next two years. So if I can hold off the prostate cancer for a couple years perhaps there is a solution forthcoming. I realize that minerals/herbs are only a stop gap measure.

If you find a lump, go see a doctor as soon as you can. It might not be cancer, it could be an infection or free floating lump, but why take chances. Cancer doesn't just stay put, it spreads to other parts of the body.

Recently when i was taking a shower i noticed a lump near my balls.It was painful,but it turned out to be an infected lymph node.Everything is fine now though,thank god! :)

Thanks for posting this.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

If only smoking diddn’t cause lung cancer :(

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

What a great thread!

Thank you so much for starting this, Sunny.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good evening all, this is my very first post. I have been reading, reading and re-reading at Thunder’s for about a month now, the same time that I have been PE-ing. I am making some progress and will share it with the group in the near future.

However, for now, the reason I am adding to this thread is that last week several masses were detected in my right testicle (the left one appears to be within normal limits). The right testicle will be removed next week and will be analyzed for cancer type (90% probability that they are cancerous since the masses were internal). I am wondering if anyone on the board has experienced the removal of a testicle, and how long it affected down time in respect to their their PE activities. I and my doctor are very confident in a full recovery (assuming that they are of the Seminary variety, which are very treatable by removal and radiation) and am trying to plan ahead for after everything is cleared up. Naturally, I am hesitant to mention anything about PE-ing to my Urologist for suggestions. I suspect that most specialists of his type in the medical community would freak out and scream about possible nerve damage, urethra damage, etc. at the mention of hanging, stretching, etc. I did a search before adding to this thread and if I missed another thread that would answer my question, I apologize.

By the way, my wife did not know that penis size could be increased and I think she is pleased. She is 6’1” tall and could probably benefit from a little more than the 6.75” BPEL and 4.9” EW that I started with. I asked her to tell me what she would like…. more length… more girth… or both? She kind of giggled (a good giggle, kind of embarrassed) and said she would have to think about it. I am looking forward to her response!:)

Nice post, sunshinekid!

Everyman should check them selves once per day, for ever! I incorporated testicle massages into my PE routine, so this way I know I will not slack off.

I remember a few months back, I noticed a lump on what seemed to be my right testicle in the shower (I don’t keep my right testicle in the shower, I meant I noticed the lump while I was in the shower). I had never noticed it before and it felt quite big so by now I was panicking a little. I hopped out the shower and just hoped that it was nothing and it would be gone by morning. Plus I didn’t want to go and see a doctor, as most men don’t in that situation.

So, I got in bed to watch some tele and what was on? Only the Tom Green episode where he has his testicle removed! Right about this point I started to soil myself, so I turned over and started watching a film with Jim Carrey in it. Only when the film neared the end, he died of cancer.
Boy, what a night! I made an appointment at the doctors the next day to get it checked it. Luckily, it turned out to be nothing. But never again will I hesitate to get ANYTHING checked out.

Better safe than sorry.


Where would I be without PE?

Ok, I don’t have any of that symptoms, it’s good to know.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

It’s worth getting checked out. I’ve had pains in my nut-sack for ages. Got them checked, and got the all clear. That was a good day. Still not sure about the unexplained constant dull ache. Oh well.

Originally Posted by Koapu
Good info. Just thought I’d bump this.

Good man, thanks you. And thank you sunny.

Relevant shit.

I was going to wait until after my check-ups to post on this, but WTF.

About six weeks ago I discovered a little something something on my left nut- right in the epididi-whosit. I’ve had a couple of episodes of epididi-whatsit over the years.

As I was without health insurance I freaked the fuck out and have lost quite a bit of sleep over fears of the big C— particularly the expense of treatment versus the alternative [death].

Fortunately I am covered again as of 12:01 AM today [Blue Cross*] and have an appointment with my internist scheduled for next Wednesday— I’m going to try and move it to Tuesday afternoon on Monday morning [bet you can’t say that five times fast].

Am I still concerned? Don’t be silly, of course I am— but the sad indictment is that I was losing sleep not over the big C [knowing that ball C is highly curable caught early enough] but over the potential costs of treatment.

Whatever happens I know that my costs are ~$400 per month. Including dental. :D

What has fascinated me is how this has impacted my personal interactions— women that I might have some sort of sexual interaction with have become anathema to me— not in and of themselves but rather as a participant in what I might be able to bring to the table. I fear that there are M/F relationships that I have permanently screwed by my sudden inexplicable withdrawal.

Ironically I find that I’ve come to whack off anywhere up to five times per day— perhaps some manner of overcompensation?

They make the fakeys from Teflon, right? Slippery, no?

* No “pre-existing conditions” BS

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