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Can You Guys believe this Drug?!?

Anyone got a good source for this stuff? The place linked to is out of stock.


I note that elitenetpharmacy has had PT-141 on the market for a while now, and given the interesting anecdotes one finds on the net in general, I was suprised not to see some interest or chatter about it here at Thunder’s. How about it? Is there some reason to avoid it? Any experimentation thus far?


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Cabergoline works well.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
Cabergoline works well.

Any updates on this stuff from you guys. I’m still playing it safe because of the heart valve issues reported in those studies.

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Yes let us know guys, I may want to give it a go!

I'm game to try

I just discovered this thread and I’m eager to try this cabergoline. Never heard of it before. So, where can I get it cheap? Keep this thread updated guys.

Hmmm. Thread’s 3 years old. Wonder what the latest on this substance is.

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Originally Posted by FartherIn
I just discovered this thread and I’m eager to try this cabergoline. Never heard of it before. So, where can I get it cheap? Keep this thread updated guys.

Just make sure you understand what you are taking and follow the directions because this medication had some serous sides when abused.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

The science behind cabergoline, or dostinex, the name of the most popular cabergoline medication, is that after achieving an orgasm, a male produces high amounts of prolactin, and that is what prevents a man to get another erection and keep going. Cabergoline, has the ability to lower prolactin levels. I have never heard of doses for sexual purposes. I only know is used in the bodybuilding community, since some type of steroids elevate prolactin levels. It would be nice to know if it really has the ability to turn man into a God.

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I talked about trying it years ago but the price put me off.

I’ve been told that the liquid (research) stuff is worthless.


I know this will be a little big bump but I was searching ways to decrease prolactin and dostinex (cabergoline) was one of the substances under my sight.

The heart stuff really freak me out so I searched alternative substances in order to become a damn sexual machine LOL. I´ve found mixed opinions about the use of “L-Dopa” (as it is, not as mucuna pruriens extract) and a herb called “Vitex”

L-Dopa has a reputation to be “bad” for the brain because the dopamine build up but there´s a guy in with nickname “CognitiveNutrition” who swears by it although he is the owner of the eStore that sells the substance so might be some commercial interest behind. Anyway, there is a bunch of good reviews about L-Dopa in the same forum so I don´t know what to believe.

In the other hand the herb called Vitex appears to be effective in womans, not so much in males. The only study that shows a difference in prolactin levels demonstrates that it´s dose dependant and in lower doses it appears to be counterproductive.

Well, just to let know that there´s maybe another ways to accomplish the same without any major side effects.

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The heart valve issue is a worry if one takes the large doses that a Parkinson takes.

I personally take a quarter of a .5mg tab a week. I take the generic form as it does the same job and only costs me £2.50 for a .5mg tab.

Has anyone tried super p-force or dapoextine? How were your results?

I tried the Cabergoline (generic by Cipla) as well as the Super P-Force.

As far as I understand Cabergoline should be effective from the first dose. Unfortunately, I did not notice much after taking 0.5mg. There are some posts on a German forum saying that it kicks in the day after taking it but I got no effect.
So the week after I took 1mg in the evening on an empty stomach, quite afraid of possible sides, and waited until the next day. The effect was definitely there but not like having multiple orgasms in a row or being extraordinarily horny. It rather gets you back on track more quickly than usual and after a few minutes your mind tells you that it would not hurt to go for it for another time. I tried to be as scientific as possible :D and counted the number of orgasm I was able to get within a 24 hours period (just me and some porn and, yes, including sleep :D ) - the result is my personal record: 16. I think a combination of something that increases libido plus the Caber would be a good thing.

Concerning the Super P-Force I can only say that it is fantastic! I never suffered from premature ejaculation but still got turned on by the idea of having crazy intense sex without fighting against the point of no return. I never got the balls to try the crazy stuff like Zoloft or Paxil though. The P-Force does its job. After taking 50mg the intensity and time that you have sex is really only limited by oxygen :D

Have fun,

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