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Acne... From Sleeping?

Acne... From Sleeping?

I seem to get very bad acne from either my blankets, pillows, or sheets. I get an odd sensation when I lie down, especially on my chin, and it is the feeling you get when acne is going to appear. I cannot seem to figure out why this is. Can somebody please help me explain why my face gets the “acne itch” when I lie down in bed and I awake with acne? I used to get these sensations during the day in high school, but now I only get them when I go to bed.

If you’re sure it’s your bed giving you acne, use a clean pillow case everynight, or use a t-shirt as a pillow case, this will help clean up your face. I, too, notice whenever I don’t change my sheats for a while, my back acne will really flare up. And I think you’re right about staying at other people’s houses and so forth, whenever I use to be so drunk and I would use a girl’s dirty laundry as a bed, I’d always wake up with no new pimples.

Bro unless your not washing the sheets or your bedroom makes you sweaty I don’t have a clue. Sorry I’m mystified:) .

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Bro unless your not washing the sheets or your bedroom makes you sweaty I don’t have a clue. Sorry I’m mystified:) .

Dino is right, I like sleeping with a cracked window or something or the sort, so my body stays cool throughout the night, thus my pores are more constricted, and I’m not having profusely oily skin in the morning.

Anything to do with the product your washing your sheets with?


You may want to do a Google search on Bedbugs, they are very prevalent and they may be what’s causing you discomfort.


Another thing it could be is an allergic reaction to something in the fabric, or maybe the soap you use to wash your linens.

If it truly is acne than it could be caused by a number of things like: Stress, hormones, vitamin deficiency, or poor diet. You may want to go see your doctor and tell him what’s going on.


What area of your face is the acne most present in? -jawline, cheekbone area, where?

Another thing to consider: If you shower in the morning instead of at night, all the oils in your hair are getting on your pillow while you sleep. If you clean your sheets and then switch to showering before you get into bed each night, should stay fairly clean and oil-free.

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Try changing just the pillow case every night - that will counter any oily hair causing problems.

But since you get this at home and not other places, I’d bet it’s or other things like that - you need to make sure that the bed linens are dried out, washed frequently and kept clean.

Either that or else you have something else in your bedroom that is causing the problem - type of mattress? Foam mattress causing problem? Rug in your bedroom?

Does sleeping in a different room at home cause a problem?

regards, mgus

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Do you use after shave lotion? What do you shave with Electric, safety or barber’s razor.

If you can, try changing what you use now.

As a teenager I had terrible trouble with rash on my face. I found it was due to a self sharpening razor. Which simply wasn’t sharp enough. Once I changed to a safety razor it all cleared up.

Also What are your pillows filled with Fethers. Plastic, etc. Try chnging those.

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