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Where do you buy decent clothes?

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

>>>I’m not on that much of a budget. I do have some disposable income.

Hey huff, where’s the “Forum Donator” designation under your name? ;)

It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s never been a matter of money, as you rightly pointed out previously - who can’t afford a few bucks. I’m a procrastinator par excellence, and I don’t like banking transactions and such. Soon sir. Soon. I promise.

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How about Eddie Bauer? Shop on line and they will make pants to fit you (which is great if you usually have your stuff tailored after purchase). Their shirts are good. I like this store because of the quality, esp outdoor gear/apparel.

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Came with: NBPEL 5.875, EG @ Scarline 4.5 Mustered up: 7 x 5 Looking for: 9 x 6 Will settle for: 8 x 5.5

Feel free folks to mention other quality apparel without regard to my specifications. This shouldn’ t turn into a Huff only makeover. I’m very happy with the input.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

Originally Posted by Ike

What’s your inseam, by the way? Like 40+?

38 just like my sleeve length too, sir.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Need some input from guys in other countries.

I’m from UK and have always been noticed and commented for my ‘trendy’ clothing. I like wearing bootcut to flary jeans by Cavalli, Diesel, Energie and Guide.

I also like to pay attention to my footwear and this is one thing girls really notice (trust me).

I don’t generally go for labels, just what looks good on me. I used to shop at our main city shopping centre, but now I can just buy clothing much cheaper from Ebay after having decided what I want from a store.

My sister used to be the manager for a women’s designer store and revealed to me the cost of a typical sweater or cardigan manufactured in Thailand, Korea and India was about $5 - $9 each. They were sold in the store for between $100 to $150.

I discovered ‘Replay’ jeans Huff and though they were very expensive :eek: , they are comfy and classy and I must say I wouldn’t be seen dead in anything else now :noreally:

In fact I’m planning on getting buried in them if they hold out long enough :gulp:

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It really depends on your build.

If you’re a lean or built guy, pick up a pair of Levi’s 527 jeans. You can usually find them for around 25 bucks and they look great. They’re low rise and a bit tight in certain areas, but they look like expensive designer jeans.

Check out hecht’s, they always have great clothes on clearance.

Don’t forget shoes and a belt! If you’re wearing a decent pair of jeans, boots/shoes, and a nice belt, the shirt won’t really matter!

JC Penny’s - WTF?

And old Navy? isn’t that the gay guys store? Just kidding - I got old navy too.

The problem with the old advice of taking a chick shopping with you and letting her dress you IS just that,
you’ll look like some chick dressed you! Every female that sees you will think either you got your clothes picked out by an S.O or your mother. Hence, you’re either not available, or undesirable.

The best way to go IS to have a gay guy do your wardrobe or develop some fashion sense of your own.
I’m an old T-shirt and jeans guy too, but I have acquired a moderate sense of fashion myself.
At least I spent enough money by now that I should at least have purchased a clue or two.

My problem is that I have champagne taste on a Boones Farm budget right now.
And thats where Gut’s advice comes in: You can be the best dressed slob / asshole there is if the attitude doesn’t match the threads. Can’t go changing the outsides because the insides don’t feel right. Of course you could just be a well dressed bastard, in which case the women will throw themselves at you because that attitude usually says; I got money bitch.

Clothes DON’T make the man but a good set of threads can go a long way.
(credit Mick Jagger, who else do you know that could get laid wearing $10k cheese cloth jumpsuit?).

It’s funny if I go out in nice clothes I can’t get no attention most of the time, at least not the kind I want.
But if I rush over to the auto parts store in greasy jeans, a torn shirt and a baseball hat,
then every milf in the parking lot is checking me out. Could be the hole in the crotch of my jeans, but I bet it has more to do with all the 40 something divorces wanting free car repairs. Think they do trades?

Thats ok though, I’ve always been more of a predator than a peacock anyways.
Such are the ways of a Sagittarius.

Grok all that together and you should be able to come up with something that works.

Mr Happy,
My experience with the Mens Warehouse is that yes you can get a good suit at a bargain there,
but they don’t have a tailor that knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
Why no pleated pants?

Pleats are poofy!

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My wife buys me things from Old Navy from time to time, and while the stuff is decent looking casual attire (and I’m definately not picky), I have found clothes from there to not be very durable.

huff are you going for metrosexual or just casual, not raggy looking?


Here’s what I did when I didn’t have much money: Buy the expensive stuff when it is very, very discounted. The best place for this are those big outlet malls. There are a couple that are about one or two hours from me. I go there a couple of times a year. The shops range from The Gap to Georgio Armani (though even the heavily discounted Armani is too expensive for me!). The Thanksgiving weekend, they have even greater discounts on top of their regular discounts. For example, I’ve bought a number of DKNY sweaters that retail for $200 to $400 each, for about $25 to $75 each. Sometimes I save a lot on a particular item; other times I save only a little. But I always save money.

I also check the good department stores in my area for sales, and I always check out the discount racks in these stores. Again, I’ve found a lot of good stuff at deep discounts on these racks.

The drawbacks of the above: Depending on your size, it might be hard to find things that you like in your size. Mostly, it’s the XXXXXL that make their way to these discount racks and outlet malls. Also, you have to examine what you are buying. They sell “irregulars” at these outlet malls. Sometime this is no big deal. Just check. I think they have to inform you of this if you ask.

The other drawback is this: If you are looking for something in particular, you might not find it when you are discount shopping in this way. This has been my experience. I’m very selective about what I buy, so I’ll look at a lot of stuff and find a few nice things for great prices. But if I’m looking for something in particular, I almost never find it at these discount malls.

Lastly, if you want to save money on clothes, learn how to take care of them. Wash things in cold water and line dry them. If you buy good quality clothes and take care of them, they will last you a long time.

Here’s what I do:

For underwear, undershirts, and socks, stick to places like Target, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart.

For khakis, slacks, and jeans, dependingon your tastes, try K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or the sale racks at Gap, Old Navy, etc.

For dress shirts, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and some department stores like Sears and Boscov’s.

For anything else, try the sale rack wherever you like the style. Buying at full-price should only be done for something you really want/like/need.

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Go TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, and Marshalls has everything any high priced department store has at less than half the price.

I suppose since it hasn’t been mentioned, most of you guys would barf at the idea of Dillard’s. That’s where I usually end up buying clothes. Reasonable prices, somewhat conservative and traditional, so you don’t look like you live in an urban jungle.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

>>>Dress nicely at: Armani Exchange, Diesel, Banana Republic, Express Mens, Gucci, ect.

I’d have to sell crack to afford that stuff!

You can get that kind of stuff at the Men’s Wearhouse for less.

Originally Posted by rollinaround
Buying at full-price should only be done for something you really want/like/need.


So, huff. What’s the look you’re going for?

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