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Where do you buy decent clothes?

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Actually, I’ve gotten some of my most metrosexual attire from Goodwill and Salvation Army!

Yes, very chic these days with the hipsters.


Merry Christmas, so here is a gift for my favorite WASPY canuk intellectual. I found this mentioned on another board and will hopefully pick this up myself. This is not my review though.

Style Directions for Men - I read a bunch of books on men’s style and fashion, and like with comedy, most were useless crap about the merits of singlebreasted vs doublebreasted suits, etc. This is the only good one. It explains how to select clothes (and hairstyles, glasses, and so forth) based on your skin and hair color, body shape, facial features, etc. The suggestions can be applied to any form of clothing, from work dress to club peacocking clothing. If you want to be a SHARP dresser in any context, this is a great book.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


Go to American Eagle, Abercrombie, Gap .. You don’t have to necessarily get preppy looking clothes, but you can get a nice pair of jeans and collared shirts that aren’t very dressy.

For going out clothes you should try express for men.

Old Navy can be good to but sometimes their clothes run way to big, so try some stuff on.

Try Banana Republic, Guess and Gap…get the sale stuff. You can save a lot money if you buy the sale items.


Try Diesel or garage.

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For anyone interested in fall/winter clothing, most stores are currently doing their deepest discounting. If you shop smart, you can get some great deals right now.

Yesterday, I picked up over $900 worth of clothes for less than $400. Among my best finds were three cashmere sweaters. Normally $130 each on sale for $38.50.

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I am just going start mugging and robbing NBA players. I get stylish shit in my size easier that way.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I have never been into fashionable clothing. Utility has always been the name of my game. Then, don’t you know it, functional becomes fashionable. I best enjoy it while I can, and when trends move on, I can be retro.

It’s all about, Ben Davis, Dickies, Levis, Carhartt, etc. Much longer lasting than any Gap/Old Navy stuff(their the same company by the way), and not all that expensive considering one article of clothing can last years even with heavy use.

The one article of clothing that has stayed cool in the mainstream for generations; Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars(black low top is my personal choice).

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>>>not all that expensive considering one article of clothing can last years even with heavy use.

Not invariably, I’d say. I had one pair of Carhartt jeans (no special “designer line” BS, just their ordinary “work denim”) and they fell apart faster than any other pants I’ve ever owned.

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Sears carries fake Carhartts now? :)

Mind you, they did not fall apart quickly, but faster than any of my other jeans, which tend to last for years since I don’t wash them much.

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Hey, Sears sold Toughskins too. Only thing tough about Toughskins was the skin on your hands and knees from getting beat to the ground by the kids at school for wearing them.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I take a modified Einstein approach to the problem.

Every now and then I order about a half dozen polo shirts from Old Navy, LL Bean, or Cabelas. Short sleeve in the summer, throw in a few long sleeve for the winter. I order a couple of pair of neutral pants, sometimes cargo pants for work. For summer I order some shorts. You can’t go wrong, even if you dress in total darkness. I can grab any pair of pants and any shirt out of my closet and it will look OK, and a polo shirt and some chinos can cover almost all normal situations.

I have a few other nicer things that I wear if I go out with the wife, or for the holidays.

I have two things I splurge on: I buy silk boxers from Cabelas, and in the winter I like my merino wool socks.

Of course, here I am sitting in the middle of Siberia, so maybe I am not such a good role model.

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