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Anyone know how "magic shaving powder" is supposed to work

Anyone know how "magic shaving powder" is supposed to work

I’ve read over some threads and decided to buy some…and I’ve followed the directions but it does not seem to remove any hair??? Nair worked like a champ….but I’m just seeing if other stuff works. Am i doing something wrong??

??You mean its not magic??

Doesn’t work for me either

Running a Massive Co-Front.

worked for me

I followed instructions and it took more than hair away from balls. It took hair from inside thigh.

Powder or cream?


Are you using the powder or the ready made cream? I mix the powder with only enough water to make it like icing on a cake. Fairly thick so it will stay where I put it. I use a plastic cup and a plastic spoon to mix and apply it.

Timing is important, too. It won’t work if you remove it too soon. But leaving it on too long can cause skin irritation. I leave it for 6-7 minutes and that seems to work well for me.

Then I use the side of the bowl of the spoon to scrape it off. You have to scrape it off, don’t just wash it away. The scraping should be gentle and with a smooth edge like the side of a spoon or a butter knife.

It will remove hair on your legs if you aren’t careful when you apply it. Watch out!

I just bought the ready made cream and will be trying it in a day or two. It should be easier to apply and take less time since there’s no mixing. I’ll let you know.

I’ve tried the powder a few times myself. Works great! Used it on my scrotum. I trimmed the hairs as short as I could FIRST, then applied the dipilitory. I still prefer a razor and soap when I want a smooth sack though. Less time to remove the hairs and less chance of discomfort for me anyway.


It doesn’t burn?



No, I’ve never experienced any burning. However, the first time I used it instead of scraping off the hairs with a smooth edge, I used a terrycloth wash cloth. Wrong! I took a nice layer of skin off with the hair. I think the longer it stays on, the more it “works” on the skin as well as the hair so that even after it’s washed off the skin can be more sensitive to damage by rubbing. If you stay in the time limit, you can avoid skin problems.

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