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Anyone ever have their balls waxed?

Anyone ever have their balls waxed?

I’m considering trying this.

I love the way it looks after I shave them - but, really, that’s a pain and I get nicks and, of course, it grows back super fast.

With waxing, over time apparently the hair gets finer, sparser.

The only thing is, the professional that everyone recommends in my city (eastern seaboard) is a woman, and that has me a bit freaked out lol. She will wax your crack too, which I might do as well.

Any advice? Even if it means “not” to do this haha?

I would just continue to keep my public hair above my cock/balls closely cropped. I feel it looks a little weird totally bald, but maybe that would be the next thing I’d try.


I’ve got a mate goes the back sack and crack waxing every coupla months. Bit expensive $100 odd a pop. NEET is cheaper. My back and crack are fine!

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I guess the only thing I’m worried about is the ingrown hair issue.

Edit: and the fact that a woman will be doing this.

I’ve been getting it done for about a year. The first time I was anxious because a woman was doing it. All in all it was pretty easy as she had experience and it was no big deal to her. I have not had any ingrown hairs and I love the feel of being smooth down there. I would recommend you give it a try at a salon experienced with male clients.

What about IPL laser hair removal on testicles? How well does it actually work?

Hair removal, balls, scrotum area

I use Nair (cream dipilitory) down their not just the balls, let it sit for 15 minutes just hanging around, have my one towel to wash it off while in shower,
Make sure you don’t get it on your glans or inside your uretha

I get WAY more attention down there and complements when I’m “squeeky” clean!
Nothing worse and unappealing then your partner gagging over a hair.


Originally Posted by Platonist
What about IPL laser hair removal on testicles? How well does it actually work?

Originally Posted by Platonist
What about IPL laser hair removal on testicles? How well does it actually work?

I’ve got a home one that I’ve used on my body, and penis shaft.

It seems to be more effective on darker hair… Dark skinned chaps should stay away from it.

I’ve had mixed results… but you should at least get a reduction in hair, and regrowth should be slowed.

However, I haven’t tried it on my testicles because of the following issues:

1) Lighter finer hair.

2) You need to push it firmly in to the area, otherwise the safety mechanism won’t allow the flash.

3) Wrinkle skin of your testicles could touch the lens, which can get very warm.

Professional places seem to have better results, but are a lot more expensive.

There are a lot of threads around here on the subject, which you may find helpful. :)

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