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Zinc and Erections

Zinc and Erections

I haven’t been taking my vitamins religiously for some time now. I take a multi-vitamin every once in a while, but not consistently.

Well, the other day, I stopped by my local CVS and picked up a box of SUNDOWN Vitamin Packs for Men. They contain vitamin E, Vitamin B, Zinc, and a few other things.

Now, my erections haven’t been “that great” in the last few months. Blame it on poor diet, stress, or whatever.

Anyways, I have taken these vitamins for 2 days now. Unfortuntely, it’s been 2 days since I have taken them because I developed a sore on my gums and I wondered if it had anything to do with these vitamins.

Anyways, I was walking in Sears tonight and my wife was messing with me and rubbed my crotch a couple times and I could feel my dick growing right there on the spot. That hasn’t happened in a while, I mean , it’s like my dick had a mind of it’s own and wanted to get really hard really quick. I usually don’t get these spontaneous erections, even if my wife gives it a quick rub.

So, with that said, Zinc has been an absent vitamin from my diet for quite some time. Can the zinc play a LARGE factor into me getting more spontaneous and consistent erections for the future? It’s a 30mg pill.

Doing some quick research, it seems Zinc is very vital to sperm and testosterone production, but it didn’t necessary say anything about erection quality.

Just wanted to get some feedback.


P.s. In the 2 days I was taking the vitamins, I noticed when I did get hard, and got off, a 2nd erection was much easier to get than in the past.

Originally Posted by johngreen38
I was walking in Sears tonight and my wife was messing with me and rubbed my crotch a couple times and I could feel my dick growing right there on the spot.

I bet the guys watching the security cams noticed!

I can’t imagine that a multivitamin pill would contain more than the minimum daily requirement of zinc. Plus you only took them for two days, then took two days off. Zinc is important for semen production, sperm production and testosterone production, but I couldn’t find anything about zinc and erections. Must be something else.

Zinc does help with growth. I mean in bodybuilding the athletes take it because it promotes the increase of testosterone. Your penis is also a muscle (well in a way), and zinc does release the same positive benefits to this specific area as well. You are also correct about the sperm production. It does increase it. I myself take zinc and feel better.

vitamin E is known to possibly thin blood, maybe getting blood to your penis faster and more of it

Yea, I am sure the security cams got me :) oh well, fuck it hahah

Dont’ take more than 50 mg of zinc a day, even that is high because you get zinc in a normal diet. 25 mg is probably sufficient for anyone on a western diet.



I recommend zinc on my diet for women—the RDA (along with calcium). It does help female sexuality.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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You should be careful with Zinc though.

Too much is not good and can have some bad side effects.

I usually only take three 25mg pills throughout the week.

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Can anyone elaborate on the Zinc issue? I though high doses of Zinc are only bad for you if you’re not taking copper to balance it out.

A easy way to determine if you have a zinc deficiency is to check out your finger names. If you have little white clouds in them, you need more zinc. But the more zinc you take, the less copper you can adsorb. That’s why, I think, they put an upper limit on zinc.

finger NAILS, not name…spell checker cannot catch real words as being wrong

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