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Ballzinger - Information for new members


Ballzinger - Information for new members


This posting is dedicated to the many men who have contributed their time and creativity to help others with Penis Enlargement (PE), particularly at Thunder’s Place (). It was here where the Ballzinger design was presented and openly discussed by an ingenious and prolific individual known under the pseudonym “Tom Hubbard”, a truly pioneer in affordable PE techniques. Based on the discussions, feedbacks and testimonials experienced here and in other PE forums, I was motivated to write this posting as general information and to promote the power and benefits of the Ballzinger to any man with an interest in PE and improved sexual performance.

What is the Ballzinger?

Dr. Robert Blakoe, an anatomist and physiologist during the 1930’s, invented a device that would harness the effect of electro-dynamism to stimulate weak muscles responsible for bladder control. He soon discovered an unexpected and remarkable side effect on his patients – they felt invigorated by a new enhanced sexual power. The erections were stronger and sustainable, sexual stamina, and quantity of ejaculate was greater than ever before. Although older and younger patients were equally delighted and satisfied, this idea was too radical for its time and the ring was almost forgotten. This amazing invention remained in relative obscurity until the early 1970’s when a few courageous doctors decided to set a full-scale medical trial to confirm the effectiveness of the device they called the Energizing ring. It was concluded that the ring was based on a sound scientific principle.
The Ballzinger is a re-designed, low cost and comfortable to wear energizing ring, based on the original Blakoe ring.

The principle behind the Ballzinger

The Ballzinger ring is a simple galvanic cell, utilizing two metals specifically chosen for their electrical potential, and joined by a salt bridge to produce an electrical current.
While electrical potential can be achieved with a number of metals, pure copper and zinc were chosen because of their biocompatibility advantages.

When immersing a Zinc rod (Zn) in a saline solution, there is a tendency for Zn to loose an electron. Similarly, when immersing a Copper rod (Cu) in a copper salt solution, it also tends to loose an electron. However, the tendency for Zn to loose an electron is stronger than for copper. When the two rods are connected by a salt bridge and an electric conductor (see fig.1), they form a closed circuit for electrons and ions to flow. This arrangement is called a galvanic cell, and is represented as Zn / Zn2+ // Cu2+ / Cu. The copper ion actually gains an electron (oxidation) and zinc looses an electron (reduction). The voltage measured at the electric conductor terminal will show a maximum of 1.10 volts DC.

When wearing the Ballzinger, a mild steady electrical current is generated by the metal rods in contact with the slightly salty moisture of the skin (salt bridge). This current, when passing through the scrotum and testicles, increases blood circulation in the genital area. It may also stimulate the production of testosterone and promotion of spermatogenesis.


The role of Zinc in the maintenance of immune function is widely known and extensively reviewed (1). Zinc gluconate works well because it has a high “zinc ion availability” (ZIA) value. ZIA refers to the actual amount of zinc ion (Zn2+) released from a zinc compound. In the case of zinc gluconate, 30% of Zn2+ is released at pH 7.4 (the pH of the body).

Likewise, the very small amount of Zinc ions (Zn2+) released by the voltaic action of the Ballzinger may play an important role in healing tissue wounds, such as small tearing induced during PE exercises, and provides for enhanced immune functions and faster recovery time.

Copper is an essential trace mineral needed by the body in very small amounts. Copper is found in all tissues of the body but mostly in the skeleton and muscle. It has been proposed as a treatment for osteoporosis, and has long been mentioned as a possible treatment for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, a proliferation of copper bracelets and copper/magnetic bracelets to treat arthritis has taken place. They are common in drug stores.

Copper was originally studied as an anti-aging factor in the blood. It was discovered that it could greatly enhance healing outcomes both in acute surgical wound and in other wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers. More recently, researchers have found evidence that copper deficiency adversely affects healthy skin through a process known as glycation. In this phenomenon, sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers where they trigger a series of chemical reactions culminating on the formation of irreversible coarse links. This causes loss of elasticity and wrinkling. A lack of copper also is partially responsible for thinning skin, and the density of the dermis has been determined to have an inverse correlation to skin health. People with thicker skin tend to be healthier. Thin skin tends to be more susceptible to wrinkling and injury.

Although the amount of copper ions released by the Ballzinger is very small, the benefits are obvious. This information will definitely be of value to individuals that actively practice PE, and may explain the healing and recovery properties of the Ballzinger.

Excessive zinc or copper in the body is toxic and harmful to health. A high concentration of zinc in the body may be balanced by a complementary intake of copper, and vice-versa. The specific use of biocompatible materials, and the high purity of the zinc/copper rods used by the Ballzinger ensures that interaction and contact with living tissues does not causes toxic or injurious effects, and provides optimum benefit to the user.

A known principle utilized by the Ballzinger to produce its effect derives from the design itself. The smooth, oval shaped, and slightly elastic ring, not only provides for a very comfortable wear, but a slight restraining effect. This mild restrain around the genital bundle may assist in promoting and maintaining a firm erection when sexually aroused, similar to a “cock ring”, but without the negative effects.

Wearing the Ballzinger

The soft and flexible design of the Ballzinger allows for a very comfortable wear. After a few days of wearing, the user will not notice its presence at all. It may be worn according to the user’s needs or circumstances. Some individuals prefer to wear it all day, or just a few hours a day. Others may prefer to wear it only during the night, while some may prefer to wear it only during sexual intercourse to provide enhanced stimulation to both partners. The longer the Ballzinger is worn, the more readily the effects will be noticed. Once the individual has developed a comfortable wear routine, it should be maintained as regularly as possible to enjoy the long-term benefits of the ring.

Benefits of the Ballzinger

The most common benefits expressed in the PE forums, based on the members own testimonials, are summarized as follows:

1- Improvement in blood circulation to the genitals, resulting in rock hard and prolonged erections.
2- Enhanced sexual performance, and elimination of partial impotence problems.
3- Increased sperm production, stronger ejaculations and more plentiful ejaculate.
4- Increased penis flaccid size.
5- Faster recovery rate and healing after PE exercises.

Further benefits mentioned or documented elsewhere, but not discussed in details:

1- Relief of incontinence due to weak muscles controlling the bladder and other sphincter problems.
2- Lessening of the incidence of premature ejaculation
3- Natural improvement of overall health, self-esteem, and sexual satisfaction

Components of the Ballzinger

The Ballzinger is a simple design composed of only three basic elements:

1- A high purity solid zinc anode rod
2- A high purity solid copper cathode rod
3- A surgical grade, hypo-allergic rubber latex ring

References and links:…003/GeorgeR.htm…cabsorption.htm…ommon-cold.html…onic_Copper.htm

(1) Wellinghausen N, Kirchner H and Rink L, The immunobiology of zinc, Immunol. Today 18, pp519-521, 1997

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Of course now we have Hobby’s $0.02 Ball Zinger everyone can make one at minimal cost, if they so desire.

Whether this is something that works because its a cell or because of zinc being introduced to the body is a good question, might be worth taking a zinc supplement for comparison. Also wearing a ring around your dick is likely to produce an effect in itself, this could be similated with a travel wrist strap or something similar.

I like the argument. I see very confusing posts on this on the forum.

Some people have tried the ballzinger but do they keep on using it? What’s the long term result?


…until the early 1970?s when a few courageous doctors decided to set a full-scale medical trial to confirm the effectiveness of the device they called the Energizing ring. It was concluded that the ring was based on a sound scientific principle.

What study is this? And what is the “sound scientific principle”?

Good stuff Lonelybb, and btw I had just made my BZ AND ITS GREAT!

Hobby, always the skeptical man...

How’s your $0.02 ballzinger doing? You have not reported further results so far, except to say that it does “nothing” for you.

I based my posting on what I have read in the forums and what I have learned on my own research. I know that the Blakoe site is a commercial enterprise, but they make reference to a Dr. Robert Chartham, ( whom I also researched, and it was quite credible to me.

Dr. Chartham also did a clinical trial in the 1970’s about natural penis enlargement methods, it was called the Chartham Study, and it proved that PE by natural methods was actually possible. There are several postings in this forum about it. Ophiosaurus - Medical Community Rejects PE .

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Hey inamo, thank for the endorsement. I know that the results of the ballzinger are real. Keep us posted

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>How’s your $0.02 ballzinger doing? You have not reported further results so far, except to say that it does “nothing” for you.

I skipped wearing it for a while - just got preoccupied with other things and didn’t bother to put it on. I’ve been wearing it regularly again and will continue for a few weeks. I haven’t noticed any miraculous effects. I have had more energy than usual, but that’s most likely because I’ve been drinking about a gallon of tea each day. That’s enough caffeine to zing me. :)

If it is doing anything at all, the effects are subtle. Remember, I’m wearing this on balls only - there is no cock ring effect. I also wasn’t zinc deficient at the outset. I eat a lot of meat, take a multi-vitamin with zinc, and also take a 30mg zinc pill whenever I think about it.

The testimonials I’ve read sound like at least some of the reported benefits could be due to correcting a zinc deficiency, which isn’t a terribly uncommon condition even in the U.S. Insufficient zinc lowers testosterone among other negative effects.

It’s too bad zingers haven’t been properly studied. The results would be quite interesting regardless of the conclusion. Maybe a researcher with some pull will stumble across this and decide to take it on.

I’m highly skeptical, but still open-minded.

Is there any place online to order the

1/4” I.D. latex hose from ?

Is it working with AAA size battery?

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Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

Or is it too much voltage?

----- Feb 2004 - 5.0 EG x 6.0 BPEL----- Feb 2006 - 5.6 EG x 8.0 BPEL

Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

north pole,
The suggesition of using an AAA battery has been made in the past, but I have not heard anyone mention about actually trying it.

A new alkaline AAA battery produces 1.5V. This is almost 100% more than the coppe/zinc current generated by the zinger of 0.7V. I doubt that a higher voltage will produce better results, but if you want to be guinea pig, we all will be waiting for your results.

I suggest that you start with a used battery that should produce between 0.5v - 0.8V, similar to the ballzinger.

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Memento has just started a great poll about the ballzinger. Please participate at The Zinger Poll your input will settle a lot of discussions generated in this forum and elsewhere.

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I have been getting much email asking about the ballzinger. Although I keep sending them directly to this thread, they do not know where to find it. So I will activate this threat out again so that many Newbies can see it better.

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