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VigRx....anybody with an opinion on it?


VigRx....anybody with an opinion on it?

Was thinking of taking VigRx while peing, any opinions….anybody heard anything about it or even better used it? Got it for free so I figured give it a shot!

How did you get a free one? I think they cost around $16.

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I’ve used and it and I must say that for me, it made a difference. I think the biggest difference you will notice is with girth. It really adds a nice pump to your penis. Once you’ve been on it for a few weeks, you can definitely tell. I don’t know how much it may help with length, probably not at all. But I do believe that it will give you added boost for girth.

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yeah it def. helps for girth, but it’s only temporary…you have to keep taking it to see the gains, but if you pe while on it then you should be looking real thick bro….as far as length goes it did nothing for me at all, very disappointed about that


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I tried VigRX for four months with PE and I really believe it was the PE, The pills just gave me more erections which I had plenty before the Pills.I recommend keeping up with PE, and save your money for other things. When I went for my yearly Physical, my blood pressure was up 20 pionts.

Oh, you guys are talking about the part under style and language. That’s cool I guess, never been to a forum like that, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. I’ll make a conscious effort to work on that one.

Poppa1940 brings up a good point regarding health. A lot of these pills contain Yohimbe, which has created a great deal of controversy. Some people take this kind of stuff without incident, while others have adverse effects. If you are sensitive in any way to stimulants, then I would avoid this. It has been known to increase your heart rate.

"Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose."

Benjamin Disraeli

I tried vig rx. It is a vaso dialator, so it will help with blood flow to your penis (and your entire body).

This may help with erections, and I noticed slight flaccid increases but I don’t think it is going to create any permanent size changes, it didn’t for me. Only the exercises have done so for me.

Good luck!

How long did you have to take it for to notice any effects?

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

Anyone ever try Viacyn?? I just got a bottle last week.

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I noticed a more ‘plump’ feeling when flaccid within the first week. By week two, my erections were noticeabley stronger and fuller. This was of course combined with a PE regiment. Although they claim that the gains to be permanent from the product, I don’t think that is entirely true. When I stopped, a couple of weeks later my penis lost a lot of the thicker feel. I think they actually encourage you to take it for a few months, and then gradually decrease the dosage just as a maintenance thing.

"Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose."

Benjamin Disraeli

Acer, do you take with Viacyn or VigRX?

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