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Calcium supplements for lig stretching repair

Calcium supplements for lig stretching repair

Any of you take calcium supplements? It’s good for building stronger bones. Do you think taking extra calcium supplements will help repair the ligaments in your penis after a serious stretching or hanging session?

Right now I take Coral Calcium among other supplememnts. It seems to really help my problems with my Gastro-Intestinal Tract.

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I’m not sure about Calcium, It helps for bones but not sure about ligs, totally different structure. I posted a while ago about Cod Liver Oil but had no replies. Cod Liver Oil helps with joints and helps keep them supple etc. This maybe counter productive though by making them stronger and harder to fatigue.

i take coral calcium also…think it helps overall health…gotta be good for you

Hey, I take Coral Calcium too. After watching one of those late nite TV infocommercials by Robert Barefoot, I purchased the product. I must admit, I feel really good on this stuff and it has also helped me with my heartburn and so forth!


Of those who take Coral Calcium, I have heard there are two different grades. Some is taken from the shore, and some is taken from around the reefs themselves. The difference is supposed to be that the stuff from the reefs (marine calcium) is better and has a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1, whereas the stuff from the shore has only a tiny percentage of magnesium.

Anyways, my question…

Anyone know of a good online vendor for this stuff? Puritan’s Pride seems to carry some Coral Calcium, but the only thing the label says is 370 mg Calcium, and “Over 72 trace minerals.” It also says “mined, not collected,” so I’m not sure if that in itself is saying anything about where it is taken. I guess they’re just trying to say that they’re being friendly to the reefs. So regardless, I don’t know if this is a good quality coral calcium supplement.

From what I’ve read, 2 grams or more of calcium a day is needed, and coral calcium, especially the marine grade, is the best to get. If anyone has any sites I can check out, it’d be appreciated.

PS: I saw parts of the Robert Barefoot infomercial on TV, but then searched online and came up with a ton of sites that claim to sell “his formulation” and stuff. Not sure if they actually sell his stuff as distributors, or if it is their own kind of coral calcium.

i too was confused with the online vendors…try this # 800-422-9779 and see if that isn’t what you are looking for

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I still have a bottle of Cal-1000 Complete from Puritan’s Pride that will probably last me another 2/3 or a year or so, but yeah, I may give that phone number a ring later to check it out.

I take Double X, a multi vitamin and suppliment from Nutrilite, a private label, that I distribute. No commercial, it works for me, and has tons of the good stuff. 2-5x daily requirements and beats the regular stuff on the shelf. You can get it from any local distributor in your area.

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Walmart now has coral calcium, about $5-6 bucks a bottle. I’ve been taking 1000 mg per day (2 500 mg capsules), and have recently run out. I think I can tell a difference, don’t feel near as good. I’m gonna wait a few more days before getting more, to see if the effect is noticeable when I start taking it again…

Hey it’s good to try coral calcium from the reefs which is marine…it should say it on the bottle…Lots more magnesium and trace elements in that type..All of it is probably good for you.

mike2002 and All -

I take Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. 500 mg 120 tabs made by NOW. Its costs $23.95 at my local health food store. Check it out.

If you want to get Coral Calcium from the “source”, go to

This has the grade that Bob Barefoot recommends, which is probably what most of you are familiar with.

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I used to be on Calverv Calcium Complex M3 made by the company Swisse.
It has 750mg of Calcium Carbonate (equivalent to 300mg of Calcium)
It also has many magnesiums and has zinc to help the absorbtion of the Calcium.

This is an Australian product so many of you may not know what I am taking about.

I now take a Centrum Multi-Vitamin that contains Calcium.


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