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Hi there, I a living in Pakistan and one of the neutraceuticals there are selling Ginkgo and L-Arginine with a combination with other herbs. Please comment on both.

Ereton tablets link ( )

Contents: Each Ereton 1350mg Tablet contains:

L-Arginine 500mg
Yohimbe (4% Yohimbine – 8% Alkaloids) 50mg;
Longjack T. Ali 20:1 (Longjack’s) (AIDP) 75mg
Tribulus Terristris P.E. 45% 75mg;
Maca P.E. (0.6% Macamides) 75mg;
Horni Goat Weed (Epimidium)125mg
Oatstraw Extract 10:1 (Avena) 75mg;
Damiana Leaves 4:1 (Turnacacea) 25mg;
Schisandra 10:1 50mg;
Ginkgo Biloba 24/6% 25mg;
Ginseng Panax (Aprox 1.5%) 50mg;
Saw Palmetto P.E 40-45% Fatty Acids 50mg;

Recall Capsules ( )

Contents: Each Recall 500mg Softgel Capsules contains:
Extract Ginkgo Biloba 300 mg (Flavonoids 24%; Terpenoids 6%)
Zinc Sulphate 25 mg
Grapes Seeds Oil 150 mg

DO you think both products are at par or should the ingredients should be more fortified, as in ERETON?

Hi David The first point is How badly do you need these supplements, and what is your age.

If you are fairly young, and get erections fairly easily then they probably won’t do much for you. If older then they might have some effect.

Really all you can do is to try them , buying the smallest amount possible and see if they woprk for you. Do some searches on the internet for these particular tablets? and see what others say.

Their effectiveness really depends on your own physiological functions,

You don’t say whether you have tried PE, but many guys find that doing the Newbie routine gives them increased erections. so you might try that before spending any money

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Well I’m 25. I was in the mood of using the Ginkgo as my final yr Nursing exams are up + it gives a good flaccid hang. The last tie I used Ginkgo it was 60g standardised + 400g leaf powder. I do have some idea of PE, but don’t get the time to pull out for it. What age recommendations do you give for the ereton supplements?

After 40.

Hi samuelkhan99, good to see you posting! I could not get your links to work so don’t know how expensive those are. If you have lots of money and understand they might not do a lot go ahead and try the stuff out. If the $ is tight and you must scrimp and save to buy it then don’t.

The site below will ship to you but I do not know Pakistan’s policy on letting stuff like that in from the US. The most important ingredient is the L-arginine. The other ingredients that you will most certainly feel are: Yohimbe, Tribulus Terristris, Horni Goat Weed, Ginkgo Biloba: all of which the site below carries.

L-arginine is 35$ for a kilo at most of the bulk stores online. They will sell you mutant versions of arginine by the kg as well for a bit more $.…inine&x=11&y=10

Import policies from the Ministry of Commerce for 2008. ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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