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Steroids and PE


Iv never taken steroids but I do believe if your wise and research how to use them then there great. Most people to suffer from sides but some don’t, It’s the same with every supp or pill though Steroids is an extreme version :)

Muscle-talk is a good forum were the steroid users seem to be very clued up and don’t abuse them.

Only thing to be honest that puts me off them is hair loss from some and the possibility of aggression, I have enough anger :) I tell my bird everything, even Penis enlargement. I don’t know many girls that wouldn’t be freaked out by me siting there playing gears of war with me hanging weights of my dick :) but she freaks out at the thought of me starting steroids, so if I did I think id tell her they were something else.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
So there is no “program” but your boss and his boss made the decision to allow you to take steroids?

Yes! Your getting it now! Thunder come on, there’s no reason for me to BS you guys. I’m hear for advice not to pull your third leg. I’m giving all the details and truth so you guys can understand my dilemma.

And I weigh 150 right now.

This is my daily ingestion.

Morning: wake up and have 6 eggs. I only mix in 2 of the yolks. (Toss the other 4)
Sometimes I mix with brown rice, potatoes, onions. And some wheat toast.
I’ll have a Protein shake. True mass is the supplement. I mix with milk and eat oatmeal

Then through the day I have fiber 1 bars, and kashi bars.

Lunch I’ll have tuna sandwiches or chicken from home.

And dinner I’ve been getting into the habit of tossing a chicken in a crock pot while I’m working and when I get home I take it out and eat as much as I can. So good.

Then I have another shake before I go to bed. And a shake before or after I work out. All depends on how I feel.

"Gotta love Costco”

Guys, I eat a lot. Everybody I know says I eat a lot. I’m always hungry. I work out mon, tues, thurs, fri. And I have tones of energy. But I won’t gain weight.

Guys I’ve been this way my whole life. I can’t gain weight, that’s why I’m doing this. Trust me this was my last option. But I’m glad most of you think it won’t effect my PE.

Thanks for all the info.

I suffer from ulcerated colitis and chron’s disease, which makes it very difficult for me to consume a significant amount of calories. This also makes it very difficult to gain any measure of muscle, so when pro hormones came out I took them with no regrets. I have gained a decent amount of weight every cycle I have taken and have had little side effects. I find it funny that people are out giving someone a hard time who is taking prescription drugs under the supervision of a doctor. There are tons of reasons people take steroids and it gets prescribed for several different medical conditions. Maybe the next person who is overweight and posts in the forum about it everyone can go and post how they should just eat less calories, well duh, while that might be the solution it isn’t applicable to curing the problem at hand.

To help answer the question, I have done PE with limited success, and never gained much since the beginners program. I wasn’t taking any pro hormones at that time, so I have no real experience if you will have negative effects from the steroids. If you and your doctor administer the steroids so you don’t suffer from a loss of libido, because your testicles shrink due to a lack of natural testosterone production, than you should be fine. Then again, I don’t have any proof one way or another if not being able to achieve rock hard erections would hinder PE.

I feel like I have a similar metabolism to you Scott, as I always ate a lot too. Although I’m not sure it will help you at all, I’ll post here what I’ve moved to for my diet that helped me gain weight. The protein shake that I mix is very interesting and probably well over 1000 calories on its own, and I take 2 of them a day minimum.

The protein shake itself consists of 2 scoups chocolate whey protein, 3 large scoups of peanut butter (whipped prefered), 3 large scoups frozen yougurt (vanilla flavored) and enough whole milk to mix everything in nicely and then blend. It ends up tasting exactly like a resus peanut butter cup and is extremely high in protein / calories. Also gives you plenty of l-arginine for the day.

I have one of these with breakfast and one after I workout, as well as a creatine shake before I work out to help with muscle rebuilding time.

For food, I usually start my day with 2 pop tarts, 2 eggs, some bacon, some hash browns, and french toast (although this varies to pancakes and such)
Then for lunch I have been enjoying a subway footlong (although it’s also high in calories the way I make it :) ) along with a homemade chicken ranch tortilla wrap and sides.
For dinner, I can knock out a large 3 meat pizza by myself without trouble, or large quantities of spaghetti, or sometimes both.
I also snack throughout the day as I go, and enjoy leftover pasta at random times.

Overall if you include the protein shakes, I’m probably doing upwards of 6000 calories a day pretty easily, which I realize seems like a lot but it’s what it took me to gain weight.

I lead a very active life style, and have been lifting a lot in the last 6 months to go along with the calories and it’s really helped. Before this, it felt like I was eating a lot and then I realized how much you actually have to eat if you have a metabolism like I have. Hopefully this helps you, although I think you eat a lot you are eating a lot of foods that are not high in calories / carbs / the right kinds of fats. Maybe it’s the type of foods you’re eating that you can change to help this. Let me know if anything here sounds interesting, btw the protein shake is worth trying, it tastes fantastic :)


Originally Posted by Scott88
Ha ha. Whoa right? Due to my active job and skinny body I was accepted by the government to take steroids. There proscribing me steroids and making me take frequent trips to doctors to make sure I’m taking them correctly and ect.

This is the statement that suggested you are on a government-sponsored “steroid” program. My guess is that you aren’t going to be on steroids, per se, but on a testosterone replacement therapy to correct a testosterone deficiency. Your dosages will probably be in the 100mg - 200 mg range per week. Since this dosage is designed to return you to normal testosterone levels, there is no need to worry about it affecting your PE work. Additionally, you will likely be prescribed hCG to keep your testicles from atrophying.

It may help if you would state the particulars of your treatment program, including types of “steroids” and weekly dosages.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

Scott your obviously too immature to use steroids effectively, I used to be the skinny guy that said I eat tons and I don’t gain weight.I realized I was a dumb ass and if you eat enough you will grow, in fact people with our freak metabolism (which I’m not even sure if you have one seeing how what you said you ate was hardly any calories for someone trying to bulk up) can bulk up easier since our bodies totally incinerate the fat if we gain too much along with new muscle.

If you truly care about your health and want to gain some muscle, learn about proper diet before all else and then perfect your work out routine, don’t let the “government” screw you over like their so good at doing to people.

Taking Anabolics too soon you may be hindering your potential.

I also see at one point you take your reps to 15.If you desperately need to add size doing light weight for 15 reps won’t do jack for you. Shouldn’t someone excited about steroids know something like this already?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Good point.


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