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Steroids and PE


Steroids and PE

Ha ha. Whoa right? Due to my active job and skinny body I was accepted by the government to take steroids. There proscribing me steroids and making me take frequent trips to doctors to make sure I’m taking them correctly and ect. But How is the steroids going to effect my PE gains? The truth is Steroids do not “shrink” your balls. They suck in closer towards your stomach which give the illusion of them shrinking. And that’s if you abuse them. And a buddy of mine couldn’t get a woody, but he was young, dumb and abusing them. I’m being watched by doctors and theirs going to be no way I’m abusing them. If taking correctly. You will see very little negative symptoms. (Theirs the steroid lesson for the day.)

That said. I’ve been doing PE for 2 weeks, and I plan to do for years and years. I committed my self to do this. Along with wanting to get an 8” x 6” unit. I also want to go from 150 to close to 190 lbs. I’m 6’2 so this entire physical goal is my dream.

Thanks guys!

And if this needs to be moved to the main member forum, feel free to do so. I was unable to post there so I posted here.

Originally Posted by Scott88

If taking correctly. You will see very little negative symptoms. (Theirs the steroid lesson for the day.)

I don’t want to make a huge debate but would like to state that everyone reacts to everything differently. Even at very low dosages some peoples bodies, and or minds do not react well to anabolic steroids. I hope you plan on exercising, eating right and weight lifting or you will likely not see much weight gain other than water retention. I’m hoping you have done your research, and perhaps you can keep us updated as to what it is that they put you on at what dosages, and what kind of routine you plan to follow to gain that weight.

Are you sure that steroids are the correct course of action here? Personally, I’m 6’1” tall and until about 6 months ago, I was only 145-150 lbs. I started exercising at least every other day, taking whey protein and have put on 45 lbs of pure muscle and am now at 190 lbs. I am still going for 200 lbs as a goal, but feel I’m well on my way. Everything I tried before taking protein shakes never worked and I could never gain an ounce based on what I ate. Maybe something like this is worth looking into since the extra protein is very good for you, as well as good for P.E. since it contains l-arginine. Personally I think this is a much better route to take since with steroids, you’ll probably lose everything you gained after you’re done taking them (just google for images of people comming off steroids). Also, from what I’ve read, even if you don’t abuse them, there are side effects (acne and other stuff). So please look into this option at least before resorting to steroids. Also what kind of government program is this? Seems odd to me.


I always thought steroids caused shrivel dick.
(A side effect from taking MDMA over a period of time)

Well it depends on what steroids they are.
Are they Anabolic steroids?
Some steroids are used to repair tissue and torn ligaments.

Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help.

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Well said, house_md.

You should only be doing this if your testicles have failed and therefore you are suffering from low testosterone. I assume that is what is going on, but maybe you need to clarify so others will know what you are talking about.

OK. Well I can’t quote everybody so I’ll replay the best I can. And not to be a dick, or to make this sound untruthful. But I’m not going to state my job. Because I don’t want any negative feedback coming down on us. We’re a good organization and to some people steroids are the devil and would think the whole organization is corrupt for doing this, when really it’s not. I’ve been lifting on and off since forever but for this past year I’ve been working out everyday just about, while taking protein (true mass) and an energy supplement (no Explode) keeping it simple. My routine is mon, tue, thur, fri. Every week I change sets and reps. (E.g. Week 1: 8-10x3 week 2: 12-15x3 week 3: 4-6x5.) this way I don’t plateau. I have a really high metabolism and eat about 4 -5 small meals a day and drink a gal of water if more a day. For the past year I’ve stayed between 145 and 155. I’m as tight as nun and ripped like a state champion wrestler. But I won’t mass up. So recently I got word that our job could help out my situation. So I got with all the people and explained my situation and explained how I was considering taking these supplements. We have a trainer in our department and a family doctor per say. And we’re going to come up with a routine based on the steroids. I have to run through tests to see if my body even qualify for this. But as of right now there letting me, with a little supervision.

And sta-kool I’m pretty sure me testi’s are fine. Thanks for the concern.

Now that I “clarified” anybody have info on if steroids is going to effect my Gain goals for my unit?

Scott88 - you are probably not eating enough. Seriously. You may think you are, but you probably are not. You are going to need to EAT BIG to mass up. The right foods of course. And heavy lifting.

Here is an excellent book:

Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
by Michael Mejia, John Berardi…l/dp/1594860882

It is about $12.99 new, I am sure you can find it used.

You can get an idea of it here, article by same author:

20 pounds in 20 weeks: Muscle Building Meals
by Dr. John M Berardi…nds_in_20_weeks

If you are young and your testicles are fine, I would not get mixed up with testosterone injections etc if I were you. I am not one who thinks it is bad.

I just think you have a lot of potential still that you can develop naturally. And if I were you I would pursue the natural route and see how far you can go.

As far as PE, no I do not think it would effect it.

13 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Natural Testosterone Production…one-booster.htm

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There isn’t any proof that ‘roids could affect positively nor negatively PE gains. Try doing a search, this topic has been treated many times.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

I still don’t get how this is a “government program”.

I am confused as well. Government here in the good ole’ US of A frowns upon anabolic steroids, and pro-hormones enough to ban the manufacture of some substances which have many proven uses outside of bodybuilding. Are you sure this whole thing is in any way connected to the government, or are you pulling our third legs?

Steroids = Love em
PE = Love it

I am the irish juicer that your mama warned you about!

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On the contrary to what most of you believe, I happen to be a fan of steroids. Like someone said, different people react to things in different ways. Personally, I’ve done 2 cycles in the past 3 years and I’ve never had any side effects outside of feeling the lack of energy after coming off them due to low natural test levels. That is what PCT is for. With the proper PCT you can get your test and estrogen levels back to normal in 4-6 weeks.

As far as losing all or most the weight after coming off, that’s up to you. If you come off, do the proper PCT, and continue to eat and workout like you had been during the cycle, you will keep most all your gains. Only weight you will lose is a few lbs due to water retention. My first cycle I went from 130 to 150(I’m a short guy at 5’5). When I came off I went down to 145-146lbs and haven’t been lower then that since.

Like house_md said, protein is key ingredient to growing muscles, even if you are on the juice. Steroids aren’t a miracle drug. It’ll just aid in faster progression assuming your diet and workout plan is on track. If not then you may not gain any weight at all, except maybe a little water weight.

As far as PE goes, I don’t think it would have a positive or negative effect really. That’s just my opinion though. I’m no expert.

I’m with Thunder on the government program subject. Especially since you stay here in the states, but more power to you. Maybe you can recommend me to this “program.”


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