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Stamina-RX... IC BLUE!!!


Stamina-RX... IC BLUE!!!

This stuff is weird and strong. I took 2 pills just to test what it was like and for the first hour or so there was no effect. Then I got a slight erection, headache and some rest on my bed waiting for the ache to go away. When I got up and went in the other room where the lighting is by a flourescent lamp everything looked blue its like turning the blue and contrast on a computer monitor way up. I went upstairs and caught a glimpse of my eyes in the mirror they were blood shot big time and my pupils were huge. I looked outside (its nighttime) and usually its very dark I can’t make out anything but I saw everything in detail it was just all dark blue like in some old horror movies.

The effectiveness for erections reminds me of when I was going through puberty and got boners that lasted and lasted. Just when I had relaxed and forgot I had a boner I would feel it subside then BOING another boner. This kept going on for 4 hours while I was trying to get some sleep. I finally got out of bed because I knew I would not be getting any just yet.

Mad stuff!

Where you get it from buddy?

Google search for Stamina-RX you will get a ton of hits, the best price I found was $23 with the s/h included but I ordered mine from This actually has me thinking there may be some benefit to getting a good ED pill to use for jelqs as I really can’t ever seem to stay hard when doing it and the prolonged “pump” has to have benefit.

Just FYI Stamina-RX is the only one I have used.

The strange fellings you expereinced may be the yohimbine content of the pills. I think they’re 8% yohimbine extract (4mg of yohimbine hcl).

I don’t know if that’s a lot of yohimbine, maybe some other guys could comment?

I have used Stamina-RX a good amount, and still do. I love it cause I can go all night when I take just one pill. I don’t take it for any ED problems, just use it to increase my stamina and endurance. This pill works wonders, I think. Though Smertrios, the seeing blue thing has never happened to me, that’s kind of odd. I would recommend only taking one pill, if your just going to take it as a ‘daily supplement’, seeing that it’s really strong stuff. If your going to have sex within 30mins-1 hour after taking the pill, one is still fine but two is ok too. Make sure to take the pill with food, I think it is recommended on the bottle too. If you don’t take food with it or a little snack, the yohimbe will make you sick to your stomach; especially if you take two on a empty stomach. Probably the reason you got a headache. Also, if you take a pill and pass out after sex, or just pass out, you will have a boner all night. Which is a bad and good thing. Bad cause you might roll onto yourself in a bad way. But good cause you can wake your girlfriend up throughout the night, if I take the pill I usually get 3-4 sessions in before getting out of bed in the morning.

Hi Smertrios,

Yeah, 2 caps is a lot at one time - but the pressing question in my mind is are you on any other medications? Yohimbe extract is tremendously powerful and can interact with other meds and, to a lesser extent, so can the other herbs in stamina-rx.

The symptoms you describe: headache, blood shot eyes, dilated pupils, color shift to the blue end of the spectrum, and so forth suggest a major upset in blood pressure possibly triggered by sensitivity of your system to the pills, or by a drug interaction, or both. What you experienced based on your description was dangerous, in my opinion.

As an example, the warnings on both viagra and cialis to folks that take blood pressure medications are just as applicable, in my opinion, to something like stamina-rx. While I am not at all on blood pressure meds, I cannot tolerate yohimbe at all. I have to read lables very carefully.

What’s really scary is that common foods (most notoriously grapefruit and grapefruit juice) can seriously interact with some prescription medications - so, its not only herbal formulations but it can also be foods themselves.

Please take care - and all the best.


MrTips - I think your right about having a reaction with another med. Reason I say you were right is because today just as a test I took one and nothing else and its having no effect on me at all. Then again maybe for me it just takes 2 I guess tomorrow will be that “test”. I do take Damiana and Lecithin every day and yesterday about 12 hours before taking the Stamina-RX I had taken Dianabol, Metanabol and Estrogen-EX. Maybe the Anti-Estrogen Aromatse Inhibitor EstrogenEX is they key.

I was wrong it did have an effect but it took a long time to kick in since it was so close to supper when I took the pill. Its working more like an ED pill now so instead of the “erections for no reason” like I had after taking 2 pills I have to be turned on or stimulated. The erections are harder than normal and easy to maintain.

Just a little FYI for everyone out there. I went in to GNC to pick a bottle up of more Stamina-RX and the manager told me that the product had been discontinued and the store had taken it off it’s shelf. I was going to try another sexual stimulant enhancer but luckily they had one in the back. Anyone have any other recommendations for a enhancer like Stamina-RX that works well?

I looked up stamina-rx on ebay and one of the sellers has a message saying “If you havnt heard yet, Stamina RX is going to be in VERY short supply soon, get it now while you can !!”…1QQcmdZViewItem

My first opinion on this was that its BS the seller uses to get more sale but now… I wonder why? Maybe a call into hi-tech would reveal if its BS or not (PN on every bottle).

I took too long to edit my post… My guess is that they have a new sex stimulant thus Stamina-RX gets the axe. Possibly just a delay to letting the consumers know so that their resellers get a chance to sell out.

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Originally Posted by GoinBig
Just a little FYI for everyone out there. I went in to GNC to pick a bottle up of more Stamina-RX and the manager told me that the product had been discontinued and the store had taken it off it’s shelf. I was going to try another sexual stimulant enhancer but luckily they had one in the back. Anyone have any other recommendations for a enhancer like Stamina-RX that works well?

I have been reading alot about TongKat Ali the biggest drawback is the price unless your buying lots and there are different strengths. I checked prices for TongKat Ali on eBay, there are only 2 listings that said anything about the “strength” of the caps. 1 was 1:100 strength thing is if I read the post right the caps are only filled to 50mg as 2 are required for a 100mg “serving”… The other is 1:50 strength has 400mg per cap and costs around $0.26 per capsule.

1:50 strength 400mg caps is what many of the users here have written about as being plenty strong. Take a look at this is where much of this is sold. I actually had this crazy idea about buying “bulk” and selling bottles of 100 caps but the seller on eBay with the 1:50 extract is selling for $0.26 per cap. Far too close to my theoretical “good” target price and didn’t give me much room for error. Maybe if I could shell out enough for 100,000 caps I would have enough advantage to be lowest price.

And of course I have never tried TongKat ALI that needs to happen first (puts in order on eBay)… Many claim great benefit from this, others have said it does nothing for them.… QQcmdZViewItem

Viagra often caused a blue shift due to the inhibition of PDE5 which increases Nitric Oxide. I doubt the blue shift was caused by inhibition of beta andregenic stimulation but it may be possible. Most of these OTC libido boosters have been found to contain the actives from viagra or cialis thus you also get the sides associated with them as well.

I had a similar experience. I’ve been taking 2 Stamina-RX off and on for the last month or so. It works for me and actually does give me a firmer erection, but the last couple times I used it I got a weird dazed feeling. My eyes burned and were bloodshot and I felt dizzy, which did the opposite of what the pills were intended to do. It took me right out of the mood. I haven’t used them again but plan on trying just one next time. If it doesn’t work, I’ll up it to one and a half.

I just noticed that my local Walmarts have the StaminaRX on the shelves for around 20.00 dollars. Right next to it was Enzyte for 30.00. They’re next to the vitamins and other herbs.

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