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FDA Warns Consumers (STAMINA Rx)

FDA Warns Consumers (STAMINA Rx)

FDA Talk Paper
Media Inquiries: 301-827-6242
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Public Health Advisory:
FDA Warns Consumers Against Taking the Following Dietary Supplements-SIGRA, STAMINA Rx and STAMINA Rx for Women, Y-Y, Spontane ES and Uroprin
Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to purchase or consume the following products: SIGRA, STAMINA Rx and STAMINA Rx for Women, Y-Y, Spontane ES and Uroprin, manufactured by NVE, Inc., in Newton, N.J. and distributed by Hi-Tech in Norcross, Ga. These products, which are being marketed as dietary supplements, actually contain a prescription drug ingredient that poses possible health risks. The products are being sold over-the-counter and are claiming to increase stamina, confidence and performance.

FDA has determined that the products actually contain the prescription-strength drug ingredient, tadalafil. Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis, an Eli Lilly product approved in Europe to treat male erectile dysfunction. An interaction between certain prescription drugs containing nitrates (such as nitroglycerin) and tadalafil may cause a drastic lowering of blood pressure. There is real danger that this product may be taken by patients taking nitrates since erectile dysfunction is often a common problem in people with diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), ischemic heart disease and in people who smoke.

FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, with assistance from FDA’s New Jersey and Atlanta Districts, executed concurrent federal search warrants in Georgia and New Jersey after finding these dietary supplements.

Consumers who have used these products and have medical concerns should consult with their health care providers.

All consumers should be aware of the risks associated with these products.


This article is over 2 years old, the situation has been rectified. I had to do a net check to confirm this has a July 3, 2003 date on the FDA memo

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That is why it is considerred good form to include a link when posting news articles and the like.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Does this mean that they no longer use tadalafil in their products?

Sneaky bastards!

And you can get tadalafil for pennies from kitsnmore.

Back then, Stamina RX was supposedly the cheapest way to get tadalafil.

That stuff worked good back then. But it did make my heart race and my face flush.

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

Just like Viagra and Cialis etc, never use this with “Poppers”, for all the gay men out there, you know what I mean! (Amyl Nitrate)


Sorry about that guys. I guess I got soooo pumped up about the posts I had read with regards to Stamina-RX that I failed to look at the date of the FDA Warning. I’ll throw those links in in the future too. The trials and tribulations of posting. Chow.

I received a free sample of the Uroprin a long time ago. Guessing 9 months back. Found the envelope one day and thought why not try it. Luckly I only took 1/2 of a pill. Had vision changes and felt spaced out. Erections were great thou. For the next few day I would only bite off maybe 1/8 of the pill. Sometimes get an erect within minutes. After a few days of taking just 1/8 of a pill I was noticing semi erections a day later without taking anything that day and was just out working in the garage. Flacid state felt fuller and much more lively. I am almost 50 yrs. old and have been noticing the ole unit isnt what it use to be. This stuff made me feel young again. I ordered 3 bottles of it and it doesn’t do anything like the samples did. I dont know if the samples had the tadalafil or if the older it gets the better. I called them and they claim nothing has changed and they never had the tadalafil in their product. Anyone got a clue? I know it has the Yohimbee in it and that does increase my erections but the problem I have with Yohimbee is it makes me spaced out and facial flushing if I get to much.

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