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“Female sexual selection is driven by an attraction to novelty (Darwin, 1871), and novelty is characterised by variations in the way things look, sound, smell or feel which can be manifested physiologically and behaviorally. “

“Fisher (1992) writes that female choice in human evolution is evidenced by the size of the male penis. Cronin (1983), and Small (1993) describe how penis size and testicle size are impacted by female choice in other species. There is a close correlation between testicle size and penis size and promiscuous social structure as seen in chimpanzees where males with larger testicles and penises produce and distribute larger quantities of sperm creating an advantage over the other males (Margulis & Sagan, 1991), If you are a male living in a hierarchically organized social system, a gorilla harem for example, then copious amount of sperm production or a long penis does not increase your chances of producing progeny. Your ability to prevent other males from sexual contact with females, by force or intimidation, positively influences your chances of reproductive success. Gorillas retain a diminutive penis and testicle size. Human males evidence sexual anatomical characteristics suggestive of a promiscuous social structure (Wilson & Daley, 1992). There are exceptions such as the asian highly stratified river/irrigation cultures who have had a highly hierarchical, patriarchal, monogamous social structures for thousands of years (Miller, 1994).”

“While most people don’t go around measuring and comparing body parts of potential mates, it’s thought that we pick up on these cues subconsciously. The idea that there is an association between body symmetry and health comes from various animal and human studies. Pea hens and barn swallows prefer males with more symmetrical tails. One study found that women experience more orgasms during sex with male partners whose features are more symmetrical, regardless of the level of romantic attachment or the sexual experience of the guy.”

What makes dancers more desirable?

Originally Posted by 24 Hours
Apparently big tits on women have grown exponentially (like the penis) when compared to other primates. This definitely seems like male sexual selection to me. I’m sure the million or so women who will get boob jobs this year will agree with me on that.

One thing that zane had mentioned earlier that I’ve also seen/read is that the males in species where the females cheat end up having larger penises (proportionally) when compared to other primate species that don’t cheat. The two reasons I can think of are:

1) longer penis is better equiped to fertilize egg than small penis since it deposits sperm closer to egg (sperm wars)
2) female sexual selection

Any thoughts or any other reasons?

I don’t buy this egg/sperm deposit proximity theory at all. Men have generally evolved larger penises because women find them more fun to play with, they give better orgasms, and they can make other women jealous by saying “My man has a bigger penis than your man”.


P.S. I guess big tits weren’t a big deal as far as sexual selection goes in the Orient.


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In reply to the original posters question. Yes, I’ve checked out serges site. I’m trying to get a password for it - albeit surreptitiously.

On the surface, it looks like an elaborate sales pitch for Tongkat Ali and Indonesia’s’ only certified cultivator of it - Sami Peak Pusi or something. Perhaps Serge holds equity in the company? I don’t know.

What I do know, a lot of his physiological and neurochemical theories related to heightening the sexual experience are pretty much spot on - based on what little scientific and anecdotal evidence there is.

(Dopamine agonists + prolactin suppressors) + testosterone boosters + NO enzyme inhibitors

Compose the tripart model of sexual zenith.

Testosterone for libido and NO enzyme inhibitors for erectile quality have been scientifically proven (steriods - exogenous testosterone, clomid, Tongkat ali etc. NO-related - viagra and it’s derivitives.)

Orgasm enhancement and that deep primal urge to fuck is left to dopamine and prolactin. Prolactin is known to suppress male sexual desire/libido and performance. Given the incrediable complex and dynamic interconnectedness of the human neuroendocrine (brain/hormone) system, increased levels of dopamine actually suppress prolactin levels. This, again, is established fact.

Incidentally, Alzheimer patients taking dopamine enhancement drugs often become very very horny. One study on pubmed profiles incidences of the development of paraphilia (hyper sexual behavior and libido) amongst otherwise sexually dormant (read: normal) elderly Alzheimer’s patients when taking dopamine enhancing meds for their condition.

Anecdotal evidence, yet fits right in with the theory of + dopamine = - prolactin = ++++ sex drive.

Serge spells this out nicely on his site.

Another confirmation this guy isn’t selling snake oil - try GHB. It’s an illegal, schedule 1 or 2 drug in the US. I used to do it a lot in university. It’s legal in europe - prescribed as a sleep aid.

GHB is actually one of the lessor known human neurotransmitters. Without getting into the details, GHB, among other acts, stimulates the release of dopamine and predictivily, drops prolactin levels.

That drug always made me sooo sooo horny. ORgasms were great.

From what I’ve read on the net, a fantastic sexual conncocktion is:

1) GHB
2) bromocriptine (pharmaceutical prolactin suppressant and dopamine agonist)
3) testosterone booster (either steroid or herbal)
4) viagra
5) plus good preparatory diet and weight lifting.

I heard it’s fantastic. Can’t wait to try.

My long way of saying, if you get a pass to, id love it if you’d share! Better yet, if we can rally up some interested people, we can split the cost 6 or 7 ways and copy the content.

SHit! The thread came back on topic for a split second! (Tube spazzes out)

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
That ain’t going to happen here achilles28.

Heck of a first post wouldn’t you say Thunder? Those last few phrases actually made me laugh.

Nice to meet you, achilles28! My advice to you is to try to think more like a business owner and less like a part-time cashier. Do not jepordize the good thing you already have, for the appealing things you should not have. Thunder is nearly omnipresent, and rarely says more than a few words. When he does speak, you should listen.

I was warned once by the sulphuric shadow known as Twatteaser. It is my privilege to warn you now. Where you been for the last year and a half, Canada?

"Debate the idea..."

Would you like me better if I posted my stats - 8” long and 6.5” around ? Probably not :)

Actually, I am a small business owner now that you asked. I don’t see the harm collaborating on membership fees. But this is Thunders forum, so I concede.

It’s not theft. But it’s not full compensation. It’s diffusion of cost.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Depends on what side of the buck you are on. Ten guys splitting a hamburger is OK, ten guys splitting commercial copyright information, and each getting a full copy, is not.

How about ten guys splitting a full copy and each taking a commensurate fraction of the total? Fair? Or is the arbitrary distinction of ‘just price’ rightfully set by the vendor? Probably the later. But I don’t mind cutting corners if the seller is justly compensated. If I use 1/10th of the product, I should pay 1/10th.

Funny you’re riding me about sharing access to a paysite. How many of your members download mp3’s? Perhaps even yourself? Where is the line drawn in the sand? Copyrighted music is ok but software is not? But, you could argue two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a right.

Each person has their own value system in the matter and I’m satisfied mine doesn’t err on the side of fraud or theft.


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