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How about this theory? Humans did not fuck face to face, we went at it like moneys from the back (monkey style). Shorter guys had more occurances of “drop out” on ejacualtion, longer guys had fewer cases of drop out because they had the length. So more longer guy genes were carried forward?

Thunder, don’t ask me for a link for this, but as I recall, the earliest cave drawings of people having sex it was always woman on top, facing the man. I think we changed typical sex positions when we started walking upright.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Not sure about the G-spot. Since nearly everyone can reach that it’s probably not going to influence her selection (much like the clitoris).

AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! Oh what do I expect from this forum.

You know what? I’m pretty sure baldness is also a secondary sexual characteristic, much like penis length. Shows off the forebrain, distinguishing from other primates living at the same time, also associated (like big antlers and dark lion manes) with high DHA levels, indicating healthy sperm. But you don’t see women falling all over themselves wanting to rub their nipples all over men’s bald heads, well, except with some notable exceptions :couch:

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Apparently big tits on women have grown exponentially (like the penis) when compared to other primates. This definitely seems like male sexual selection to me. I’m sure the million or so women who will get boob jobs this year will agree with me on that.

One thing that zane had mentioned earlier that I’ve also seen/read is that the males in species where the females cheat end up having larger penises (proportionally) when compared to other primate species that don’t cheat. The two reasons I can think of are:

1) longer penis is better equiped to fertilize egg than small penis since it deposits sperm closer to egg (sperm wars)
2) female sexual selection

Any thoughts or any other reasons?

I believe that chimps cheat a lot and have large penises (proportional to their bodies) while apes are pretty faithful and have small ones. Those are 2 that come to mind.

Thanks zane.

T & zane, Here’s an informative link I found where this doctor talks about “sexual selection”. He touches on the Alpha Male ape keeping a harem, as you mentioned:

“Why are chimpanzee testes four times the size of gorilla testes, even though male chimpanzees are one fourth the size of male gorillas? The likely explanation is that male gorillas keep harems, and sperm quantity is not important as a form of male-male competition, whereas female chimpanzees mate promiscuously and the larger the male’s sperm volume, the more likely his success in impregnating a female who has mated (or will mate) with other males.”

I guess this explains the reason for the testes size differential, but it doesn’t talk about the fact apes have micropenises and chimps are around 4”.…i?artid=1200732

Interesting article on mating rituals of birds from National Geographic:

“Females benefit from promiscuity by improving the genetic quality of their young. A good provider is not necessarily the best sperm donor, so while the female builds a nest with her mate, she may sneak out and go sperm shopping for a male with brighter feathers, bigger body size, or a more glorious singing voice—all indicators of good health.”…_lovebirds.html

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On the TV program they showed the monkey in heat and there was this big red lipped vagina right about where our asses are. They almost pointed at the sky. Actually it was kind of comical.

Would you hit it :D

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24 Hours, I haven’t read much of this thread yet (it’s a lot to read, especially if the links are read also), but from what I’ve gathered so far, you and I think very much alike on this. I plan to come back to this thread this weekend and spend more time on it, to see if I do disagree with anything you’ve said, and perhaps agree with anyone else that disagrees with you on some points. This is an interesting subject/theory(s) that I’ve looked into before, but not as throughly as I’d like to.


There’s some books that cover this in depth. I don’t have the titles now, and don’t have time to look, but I’ll post one or two when I get a second. Eventually I wouldn’t mind reading more on this subject myself - I’ve always been fascinated by it.

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Would you hit it :D

Please, I’m a married man. :D


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