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Ropex-Load Size

Ropex-Load Size

Just wanted to share my experience for those interested in increasing load size. Many on here say L-Arginine worked well for them, so I tried taking 3 grams a day for a month and it didn’t help me. I also tried tribulus as many like it, but no luck w/ that either. I found a product called Ropex and gave it a try..And I must say that I noticed a real difference after 7 days. probably a 50% increase. I’m looking forward to more time going buy to see if it gets better.. I found it at It’s kind of expensive 39.95 for 30 days..So if Arginine works for you it’s much cheaper..But ropex was worth it to me…

What’s in it?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

From their website:

Ingredient Information

ROPEX™ is 100% natural and completely safe, made from the most nutritious natural substance known to man; the life-giving contents of organically grown Secalecereale Phleumpratence and Zeamays pollen grains. Through a patented proprietary process, the grain contents are extracted and concentrated while the grain shell is discarded. No allergic reaction has ever been documented since potential allergens (pollen shells) are completely removed. ROPEX™ is not bee pollen.

ROPEX™ is a highly concentrated tableted food concentrate with numerous health potential benefits. As such, it is recommended for anyone (men and women) interested in good health and more intense sexual experiences to take ROPEX™ daily. There are no known or reported side-effects from using ROPEX™.

This site has 3 links to 3 Japanese studies for Pollixol (Secalecereale Phleumpratence & Zeamays pollen extract) ,the -active- ingredient in Ropex.

caveat emptor

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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The site states that this is the original swedish pollen extract. As I have learned, swedish pollen extract is nothing but Cerinitin. Go to to get this stuff much cheaper. Then compare the ingredients of Pollixol to the Cerinitin. Its the same stuff I believe. Cerinitin is the stuff that was used in other so called semen enhancers such as ogoplex, mioplex, and volumze. If you want to try this stuff, purchase it from graminex. I usually get 200 tablets for 25 bucks. Sometimes they have sales where you can buy it for $10 a bottle. Good luck.

Heres the link to compare the two:

As you see, its virtually identical.


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But the million $ question…

Does it work?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I have taken the pollen pills from Germinex before but I didn’t see any difference in load volume. Their customer service is excellent though - fast and reliable service.

AlexW, is that the “Cernilton” you’re ordering?

Originally Posted by snuffed
AlexW, is that the “Cernilton” you’re ordering?


I’ve taken supps for increased load, but haven’t in a long time. I’ve tried L-Arg and Vitex. They both worked for me, but the Vitex makes my skin really oily. I might actually give this a try. I miss the younger years when I used to cum in loads. I actually had a girl once tell a friend of ours that I had something in common with milk. We both came in quarts.


for the people taking Cernilton, how much are you taking and when?


Just got my order of Ropex 6/26/04. Will post results in a week or so.


I took these for a few weeks, but didn’t really see an increase. My loads had a real dark yellow tinge to them and that’s about it. Really flipping hard to swallow to, plus you gotta take 6 of em with each meal of something stupid like that.

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