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Ripped off by "penis enlargement pills?"


Ripped off by "penis enlargement pills?"

I am seeking help in an investigation of a number of companies that sell so-called “penis enlargement pills.”

Those companies take in over $100 million a year — and I for one don’t think they should be able to get away with it.

I would be very interested in hearing from men who have bought such pills and are motivated to do something to put a stop to the scam.

If you might be interested, please send me a private message or an email to, stating the product you bought and your location. All communications will be held in confidence.

ThunderSS, I appreciate the concern. I am legit, I’m not not selling anything and I’m not looking for additions to a mailing list.

There is a little more info on Operation Priapus at my blog:

sounds like you may want to start a civil action lawsuit.If you do PM me


I tried invigorex, and optimum.

i grew with both, but i discovered pe. two days before my first bottle.

I truly believe it was the pe. that did it. When I switched brands, I stopped pe for 1 1/2 months and got nothing.

However when using optimum, when I would’nt gasm it was like an eruption of sensual power deep within the hips. I think it may have been the yohimbe.

Anyway I wouldn’t’t buy that shit anymore I’ll stick to natural pe.(but I might try l-argenine)

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


So dawgbone, to clarify, there was a period when you were both taking pills and doing PE exercises, during which you had growth. Then you stopped the PE exercises but kept taking the pills, and there was no growth. Is that right?

Have any of you guys tried the pills without doing PE exercises at all? I have no doubt the pills didn’t work, but the question is do you want to do something about it?

I was doing PE before I even heard of pills. I got good results. This summer, about 1½ months after getting back to PE, I bought some pills since I got a really good price. I don’t know how well they work long-term (if the gains are permanent) but I saw almost immediate increases in both lenght and girth (mainly girth). And suddenly I was having harder erections and able to have sex more times in a day, plus my girlfriend started getting off like nobody’s business. So I really have no complaints. I’d have to try them for a longer time to be able to say anything about permanent gains though.

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Just to clarify — I would be interested in hearing from you whether or not you bought the pills in reliance on the promises made by the manufacturer, for example if they were bought by you as a gift or a joke.

Priapus, i wish you all the best of luck, i hope you shut them ALL down and i hope they lose every one of there many luxury sea side houses, sports cars and easy life stlye.I cant help you because i have never purchased any of the magic pills but if i did i would definitely do something about it.Same goes for PE sites that claim money back guarantee and dont deliver, id take them to court, you think i give a dam, its for the principle, its fraud and false advertising and must be stopped.

Lets just face it, you got rolled and so did everyone else who purchased them, you read 100% money back guarantee and you thought you had nothing to loose, didnt you. Let this be a lessen to you and everyone DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOUR HEAR AND READ especially when theres money involved.People get away with a lot on the internet because they can and they will continue to until somebody says hey im going to do something about this.The internet is full of scams and traps, send them a check for $50 and they will promise you the world and give you nothing.A good rule of thumb is IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS.

I just hope people arnt embarrassed by it, but i think why should you be, nobody you know will find out and whats the big deal if you bought some pills that promised to enlarge your penis in a very deceiving and convincing way that claimed results or your money back.Im 100% sure the judge will be with you not against so you go for it.

I am just going to chalk it up to a very expensive lesson.DON’T BUY ENLARGEMENT PILLS!!!

You can get the same effects with much cheaper supplements than these pills.

If I had found this place a while ago I would never have wasted the money.So If you haven’t bought them and are thinking about it, and after many of us in this forum have told people not to take them and you go ahead and buy them anyway. Let me be the first to kick you in the ass for not listening.

Trust me you’ll want me too

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Jelqking, thanks for the words of support. Unfortunately I can’t do anything until someone who has purchased the pills contacts me. There are hundreds of thousands of men who have been ripped off… and I am sure many of them read Thunder’s forum.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about what I am doing, just PM me, I would be glad to explain what is involved.

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Thunder, I would like to do that but I am trying to keep a low profile for right now. These PEP scammers are fly-by-night companies and I don’t want to set off alarm bells unless absolutely necessary.

I will say participants MAY get a substantial incentive award, if certain conditions are satisfied. I’ll provide more info privately to any interested party who PMs me.

I dont want any reward nor do I want to give any personal info. I tried this stuff called African Fly, it was a liquid that supposedly would enlarge my penis. I stopped PEing thinking that this would do all the work for me! Garunteed to work by at most 6 monthes….was on it for 7 and not a thing….I actually got a bit smaller because I hadn’t been PEing in a while. When I e-mailed them about refunding my money, they wouldnt respond….I sent about 3, thinking that maybe it hadn’t gotten through. I still have the empty bottles stashed in my closet…f*cken biggest waste of money and time…

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