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Ripped off by "penis enlargement pills?"


Wanna7.5, so how much did the seven month supply cost you? You could always find out where the product is being produced and cause some damage there, that way you will be even.Oh and id throw out the empty bottles before it causes you some embarrassment.

Priapus, how about creating a mass anti pill e-mail informing people there fake.Just a thought.

has anyone had any positive results with penis enlargment pills combined with PE exercises? if so, what pills work? and if not, what supplements should i purchase in order to enhance my penis size? i am not interested in increasing the duration, frequency, or intensity of my erections. my goals are strictly gains. if anyone can help id be very grateful!

Hey jsmith,

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Forget the enlargements pills. Spend a little time reading in this forum and you will get some good info on supplements to augment exercises.

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Hey ebon00, where did you those pills from that gave you some results, and how much did they cost? How long did you take them for?

Hey there Priapus, There are some pills available in Canada called erecxium. they cost around $49 Cnd dollars for 90 caps. I have just started take them for a week now. They say that you can grow at least 1-3” in 3 months. I will let you know. after three months what the results are like.

>They say that you can grow at least 1-3” in 3 months. I will let you know. after three months what the results are like.<

I can tell you now if you like.

Wow its been a while since I’ve posted. Thanks for not exterminating my avatar Thunder!!

I do want to point out that I too tried supplements particularly the Xtend Brand. I had a friend who used that Optimum stuff too.

They certainly do enhance the drive and erections that is for sure, but I personally think that it is insulting to the PE’ers. Growth may happen, but highly doubtful. There are no miracle pills for having a great body and same goes for the penis unless you put some work to it.

I tried one month with no PE and got nothing. The next month I laced the supplement with pumping and I definately got results almost instantly. But I believe this is due only to the fact that because there is more blood or whatever it does, it gives PE/Pumping an extra boost. Now I cannot say it was permanent but I am still at my current size.

My friend just got nothing but nasty tasting pills from his experience.

These enhancements do enhance your drive, but size? Doubtful unless you use it to PE. Than it may become useful.



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