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PGE-1 - Question using, if not having ED issues.

PGE-1 - Question using, if not having ED issues.

I can’t seem to find any concrete info on it.

PGE-1. I am 26, never had an issue with ED a day in my life (maybe some performance anxiety, but never true ED).

Would doing PE and incorporating PGE-1, hurt me in terms of being able to “naturally” get an erection.

With PE I definitely see a value in getting an erection 110%, pushing it past the limit..

I also can use Viagra/Cialis/Livitra, but the PGE is what is able to breakdown the tunica little better I believe, so during PE it is more effective if gaining size.

I don’t think it will hurt your erection ability but won’t help getting faster gains either. You have it wrong, PE is not body building.

Marinera, there PGE is the only inhibitor that actually loosens and breaks down the collegen in the tunica I believe.

With the collagen breaking down easier and a real PE routine, I can see it working.

In a way, it def is bodybuilding.

Now I’m not gonna go into Chem PE, but like I said alot of reading I’ve done on pge, it indees will break down the collagen

Also, this would be a real PE routine..

ADS, 2 hours on
The cock rings to keep it engorged with blood all day.

Evening Stretches and Jelqs

Ill. See if I.can find the liteature on the PGE1

Originally Posted by workingonitnow

Marinera, there PGE is the only inhibitor that actually loosens and breaks down the collegen in the tunica I believe.


Do you have a reference for that? It’s collagen, by the way.

We want from chempe that is important, is the breakdown of collagen for remodelling via PE and smooth muscle cells, endothelial cells and fibroblastic cell regeneration (pge-1 and pde5’s help this)”

Trying to find the literature , or my argument is null lol ,


To be clear, what I meant with ‘PE is not bodybuilding’, is that you don’t want to really ‘break down’ a lot of tissue. If this was the case, pumping at crazy pressures or hanging super heavy weight would be the fastest way to achieve gains. What we anecdotically know is that this only serves to enhance chances of injuries and makes tissue tougher, so making gains harder to achieve. It is somewhat analogues to stretching for flexibility: pull too much, and you’ll have the adverse of what you want to get, if it’s clear what I mean.

Completely agree. In this for the long haul, smarathon not a race.

My beginning PE Journey will be a very long one, only 26 now, ill have my buddy for the rest of my lufe, why not improve him lol.

What I meant by bbin, was just we do this for anesthetics, but I def agree, if it was as easy as pumping excessively or hanging heavy we all would bear with it and get it done, but like you said too much work works backwards
I’m just more open to chem PE then most, I don’t plan on doing all this as a newbie, but over time would definitely more interested in chem PE.

Double post


Looks like I might have mistaken some compounds..

It was POTABA, in a DMSO solution that was used to soften and loosen the cross linage of collagen in the tunica. Not PGE1 (might have been but I still can’t find any supportive evidence)

So In theory, the PGE-1 would be used to maintain a 3-4 hour erection, cause Priapilsm and some micro tears. I would use the DMSO and POTABA in a transdermal solution and message it onto my member Pre exercise.

The Expansion from the inside the CC would be for Girth.
The Loosening from the POTABA would help for stretching/length.

Yes I inject PGE1 (caverject) For a 4 hour erection every day. I took potaba by mouth and after a week
I wanted to eat all the time(lowered my blood sugar). I believe Ronielle is correct that mixing potaba in DMSO
And applying it to the penis is better. Yes Potaba loosens the cross linkage of the colligan in the tunica. Potaba
Was in fact originally made to help a woman stretch better while giving bIrth. Relaxin was made for the same thing except relaxin is a injectable that as far as I know is no longer made

There should be some thread about POTABA around here. I think PABA works (assuming it does) exactly like POTABA but costs less. POTABA was used for Peyronye disease with about zero success.

There is also a long thread about people uisng DMSO and also mixing it with other substances. Results have been disappointing as well as far as I can remember.

Thanks for the info!

I feel chem PE has its place, never would rely soley on chem PE, but I think when my manual PE is maxed, or needs a bump, to think about it.

But even manual PE is hindered by the thickness of the collagen in the tunica for true growth. If the para breaka down the collagen , even if only like 5-10% softening would def be beneficial in terms of PE.

Now the trick, like you said, is majority have not been discussed. But imo chem PE has a secret underground.. I think the success is real, but the only ones who truely know the key ingrediants, charge for the services.(Ronielle and other docs)

PE is one of those subjects that is a secret among guys, we have no problem telling our buds how we workout our arms, back, etc, but when it comes to the schlong, its a.taboo subject. I bet if PE was normal and discussed openly in , we would already have a real PE regimine , chem and manual.

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