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PE & NO2 Pitfalls???

PE & NO2 Pitfalls???

I’ve been using NOxx for just shy of a year for the weight lifting I am doing 3-4 times a week for recovery from serious back surgery I had in Jan., 2003. I also do a hard 2hr.workout in the pool at least once a week. I recently switched to Pump Tech by Muscletech Labs & am disappointed with my results in comparison to the NOxx. It claims to have a time released 4 way system of delivering the nitic oxide but when it runs out I’m going back to the NOxx. I started PE shortly after the surgery, what better way to pass time while laid up lol, at 7.5x5.5”. After about 6-8 weeks I was pleased with the rapid gains to my current size of 8x5.75” which I still don’t consider all that large. Back then while in the locker room I was asked, more than once, if I took any supplement for my flaccid size of around 5x4.5” & pretty vascular. I told them maybe it was the NOxx or just the fact that I was born Italian. I stopped jelqing for about 6 months & did only stretches while in the all mens spa where nobody is aware of what I am doing under all the turbulent water. I just started jelqing again about a month ago with regularity & am proud to be sporting a very vascular flaccid hang of 5.75x5”. I’m 52 years young although most say I look late 30s- early 40s, 5’7”, 174# with a 31” waist & 41” chest. Now for the problem, yet I guess I could consider it an ego booster. I’m constantly getting “looks” in the locker room & am now being approached, or “cumon to”, by some of the gays & bis that are members at the gym. It has become quiet a nucense & is getting old which has me wondering if I should resort to wearing a towel around the locker room now! So for all you straight guys out there taking NO2 while doing PE, you’d best watch out for the pitfalls & also watch your backs. Anyone with the same quandary feel free to PM me. Keep it up fellas & hang loose. Oli

I’m getting ready to start PE, I’ve been getting the NOX into my system for 2 1/2 weeks now. I’m familiar with arginine and it’s effects, but was wondering what your experience and comments are on NOX (in general) since it sounds like you have some experience with it, and any comments on good or bad brands?

Your post reminded me of the stuff that I bought, it has an extended or time release ingredient in it too; but it’s a different brand. It’s called Vaso xp and is put out by a company called NxCare. The extra (time release) ingredient in it is called Nitrase (a proprietary blend). When I was at the vitamin shop, she had three different brands of NOX. She mentioned in passing that this one is what a lot of the police officers in town purchase, So I figured they would probably know and purchased it. Could you share your experience a little?

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Hey electron, congrats on getting started with PE & I hope you see some rapid gains as I did. After trying 3-4 different brands of NOX I had settled on Sports Specific Science’s brand as I seemed to get good results from it & is the most affordable. Stay away from the one that GNC sells, I can’t remember it’s brand, because like everything at GNC it’s way too expensive. NOxx supplies your body with L-Arginine Alph Ketogluterate which induces the release of nitric oxide into the bloodstream. It’s like high octane l-arginine thus you receive all the same benefits & more. I’m not a physiologist by any stretch of the mind, but I do know what works the best for me after experimenting for the past year. During this period I cycled off NOxx all together for a little over a month & noticed a definite drop in energy, vascularity, & flaccid hang causing me to become a true believer in this product. Also for about a month I tried bumping up my dosage but that seemed to have no added benefits. The bottom line for me is that NOxx gives me better pumps at the gym as well as a better pump in my unit both during & after PE. Hope this helps to answer some questions & helps to inspire you to employing time & dedication toward your PE endeavors. Oli

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