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Muira puama

Muira puama

Does anyone have any experience with this herb? According to the little I found on the web, it seems to be as promising as L-Arginine for enhancing performance and ED problems. But there’s not much out there on it, unlike L-a and Yohimbe, which have a ton of stuff written on them. I just ordered some Muira puama, so if no one else has anything to report on it, I’ll let everyone know my experience with it after two weeks.


Well, it’s been about five days since I’ve started taking Muira puama and I thought I’d share my results. I immediately had a mood “enhancement”, it just made me feel much more positive about life (I do wrestle with bouts of depression pretty frequently, nothing major, or even diagnosed, but it’s been there all my life). It really lifted my spirits. It is weird, but I do seem to feel more like my younger self when looking at life. More optimistic. I went back to the web site I ordered it from, and sure enough, one of the things it is prescribed for in South America is for mild depression or anxiety. Second, there was a warming feeling in my penis, very enjoyable, and similar to what I feel when taking L-arginine, Niacin, or wearing a Blakoe Ring, and which I associate with increased blood flow. Third, my “morning wood”, which has been infrequent lately, but which has come back with L-arginine, became even stronger and more firm. And this morning I woke up several times through the night with firm erections (night wood?). Very satisfying. Also, I find myself thinking mildly erotic thoughts a little more frequently, and noticing the ladies, and wanting the ladies, a little bit more. All in all, a very positive experience, with no negative side effects. So far, out of all the supplements I’ve tried, Muira puama and L-arginine are the two with the most immediate, noticeable, results. And I’m sticking with both for a long, long time.

this is very short term follow up, but encouraging none the less. Give us an update, in say 2 weeks, oK?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hi Guys,

I’ve also been on a combination of L-Arginine (1000mg), B6 and Muira Puama (1000mg) daily for a couple of weeks now - an hour before my PE sessions in the morning (since I don’t want any of this stuff interrupting with my sleep). I’m taking some tablet called Xcitement Plus which contains primarility of Muira Puama, Ginkgo (1000mg) and also 6000mg of Tribulus terrestris extract. I also noticed the morning wood (it’s kinda weird waking up to erotic thoughts) and percy’s salute is definitely alot higher (ie. harder and more upright erections). I think it’s also helping with the PE (mind you its hard to keep the erections to only 75% while Jelqing).


I’ll let you know more in two weeks, but right now it is very promising. It’s very rare for a supplement to have such immediate results (literally the first day I took it). What’s nice about Muira puama is it effects the desire to have sex, not just the ability, so you feel in the mood. L-arginine works great on improving the ability to get an erection, but didn’t effect my mood. Which I guess is the libido. So both together seem to be the ticket. I am planning on experimenting with a few more supplements. Namely Horny Goat Weed, next. One thing about Muira puama is it is not water soluble, so any time it is in pill/powder form it is basically a waste of money - it won’t work. Always buy it in either a tincture (liquid extract) or the pure root/bark and extract your own. Which is a very lengthy process, so I bought the tincture. Here are two sources for it: - 2 oz. for $19.95 - 2 oz. for $13.50 (and it’s even the raintree brand)

a 2 oz. bottle has 30 servings of 60 drop doses, which would equal 500 mg, the recommended dose. some say take 500 mg once a day, some say twice. When combined with L-arginne, I think once is adequate (that’s what I’m taking). Here’s some links to articles about Muira puama. Keep in mind the first two are from a site selling it: - Yohimbine vs. Muira puama in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Here’s some info from a non-sale site (I think): - about muira puama and L-arginine and zinc, etc.

Here’s a nagative review: - Muira puama - not an aphrodisiac, just a tonic



Thank you for your fine contributions.
Your two bits about L-Arginine and Muira puama have me sold on trying them.

I plan on tracking them both down tomorrow. I just hope that there is a health food store in NYC that stocks them both because I don’t think I could wait for them via the USPS.


Speaking of Muira puama and l-arginine, there is a product on the web that has both ingredients. It’s called Libidoblast. It also contains Niacin and Zinc.

I’ll first see if a vitamin/drug shop sells these.

I have tried Horny Goat Weed( made by pinnacle ). It did nothing for me at all. I have also tried Arginine which also did nothing for me. Now, all I take is a multi vitamin/multi mineral and essential fatty acids.

I think there’s a lot to be said about a pyschosomatic reaction to taking a new supplement.

In my own experience, L-Arginine is sweet-F-all for erections—-didn’t get any harder/more frequent, nor did they lessen.

I took a herbal supplement a while back call sarsaparilla….had a significant increase in libido.

As of right now, for whatever reason, I’m a walking hard on. And I’m not taking anything other than my normal vitamin supplements.

The mind plays a HUGE role in our sexual function—-more so than most realize. This doesn’t mean that supplements won’t enhance our erectile ability, or increase mood and lift libido. But without the proper mindset, even viagra won’t wont. I’ve had that unfortunate result, when I was a most depressed pile of goo.

Nonetheless, daomun, please continue to post your result!!!

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