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Help needed

Help needed

Please, read this page and tell me what do you think about this product (because it’s a finnish one, and easily available for me). There’s a link bottom of that page that has more info on these pills. Would taking these pills be beneficial in order to get stronger erections, as I’ve experienced some weaker woodies lately (prolly caused by jelquing) ?

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Hey Johan,

zinc and selenium are common constituents of multi vitamin tablets and guarana is available in many forms from gum to drinks, so I don’t see how buying it for those ingredients are useful.

That only leaves the Muira puama, so if its a cheap way of getting that then why not give it a go. Its obviously aimed towards temporarily increasing chances of erections, which sounds like what you want.

Personaly I jelq hard and if anything my ability to hold an erection has increased but I also do kegels.

Muira Puama

Thanks mem,

Still wondering if anyone has ever tried muira puama? Seems that it is packed up with dozens of different chemicals… Some seem to call it also some kind of herbal substitute for Viagra. These pills are much cheaper compared to Viagra… Personally I had pretty damn tough erections like a year ago before I started PE’ing. Other thing that might have an effect on my boner is that I’ve been on a medication for the same time I’ve been into PE too. (SSRI-based)

Muira Puama

A Man behind his mask.

Hi Johan!

Muira Puama is roots and bark of an african bush. In Austria you can buy it in any herb shop and costs allmost nothing. I used it some times but coulden´t see any effect. I don´t think that stuff is worth to buy!

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