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From soft erection to Rock and hard EQ hidden secret

Originally Posted by BMashina
I’ll continue taking it for a few more days, I’m starting to think it was a waste as it hurts me so much, but I will report back. Once again this is cayenne only I am taking.

You really need to be taking it after a couple of bites of some food, i.e. cracker, bread, anything. This keep it from giving you a stomach ache. What you need to be looking at is what is does. If it makes your nose run that is one indication of its activity. When you get enough you’ll get sweats. Then you know that your capillaries have opened up and blood is flowing where it would normally be rather slow.

I always take one with my Vitamins and Herbs in the morning. It’s the last thing I take so it doesn’t attack my stomach. I take capsules. That way my mouth is spared the pain.

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Today is the 4th day of me taking these and I haven’t really noticed any change. Tomorrow I’m going to start twice a day to see if i notice any difference, will keep y’all posted.

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My Pics/Log

Oh shit Bluray I thought you were joking! That really happened to you? My bad man. Seems you are alright though, so that’s good.

I have been taking capsules of around 2.5 grams each of ginger and cayenne 40,000 SHU twice a day and thus far have noticed somewhat better erections, body heat and veins are sticking out on my penis which usually doesn’t happen. I need to get back to jelqing instead of just wearing this ADS so I can have more veins and bigger veins =>

I ordered 2.5mg Yohimbine HCL from to see what more benefit I will get… I wish there was a cheap machine that could use my cap-m-quik and do all the placing of empty capsules and then after I have done the filling it would cap em =>

Hey guys is this the Yohbimie powder I will want to take with vegetable capsules?…h.php?q=yohimbe

What type of yohimbe am I looking for exacly? I do have yohimbe Bark 500 mg. Is that the right stuff?

Originally Posted by horsedick99
A month supply cost me $20 or £15.50

200g cayenne powder $1.50
200g ginger powder $1.50
60 tabs yohimbine 5mg $17

When you say cayenne powder…we are talking about the seasoning here right? Like ground pepper? That stuffs pretty hot, does it give you the shits?


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Yes, if you’re sensitive to hot and spicy stuff, it will hurt you.

I took it for four days. Two of the days, the following morning my stomac hurt and I had the shits.

I have stopped taking it, all is well.

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Hey guys

It is been a while since I last post, I just came back from holiday; many people have been pm me and ask about the source of my yohimbine.

I have got great news to tell: During my holiday I run out of yohimbine and I mixed my combination with 500mg of l-arginine and guess what! It worked great, right now I am just taking l-arginine 500mg/ cayenne pepper/ and ginger powder 3x daily.

I think all those ingredients are in a lot of power drinks

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Thank you have begun to purchase products will give it a go as soon as I can.

Well, I have been taking the cayenne and ginger caps for a week now. I have a fuller facid hang. May 4lb wieght loss. For the past few years if I laid flat on my back my right arm would go numb, now the effect is lessened

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I too have noticed some improvements with circulation yes I admit that I am making fitness change too in my life but I do feel that all that I am doing is having a positive effect in some way.

Any specific brands of Cayenne Pepper, Yohimbe, and Ginger to get?

Any specific websites, stores, or brands on where I could purchase the Cayenne, Yohimbe, and Ginger?? The help is greatly appreciated in advance!

Originally Posted by horsedick99

About the ginger and cayenne, the guy sold me in powder and recommended me to start with half of tea spoon;so the recommended dose daily is half to a tea spoon of both, I filled mine in empty capsules.

Cayenneginger power

Hi All,

I was started consuming fresh ginger root a week ago and I added cayenne pepper 3days ago, and today morning I noticed a rock hard erection, my cock was like It wants to explode! My Wife noticed it too when I came to her in the kitchen, she sat on the chair and sad to me to come closer with that hard stick ;)

I’m using 20-25g of fresh ginger root, and 1/3 teaspoon of cayenne. I’m totally happy with it’s effectiveness.

After a good morning blowjob I still rock hard and I cum again!


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