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From soft erection to Rock and hard EQ hidden secret

Originally Posted by kakarotto
Hi Horsedick99

Also the yohimbine is cheaper and it´s likely to have less side effects than Cialis but I´m afraid that it won´t combine well with sensoril because the last also stimulates the thyroid and I want to take it because it´s very good controlling cortisol and makes you feel relaxed (thing that I need now).

So my heart is divided now :(


You may try tadalafil combination and see how it works! The only disadvantage of tadalafil is when you take daily the effect will decrease and to get hard will take awhile; but maybe ginger and cayenne may give you extra boost.

You may try and share with us your experience

I forgot to add in panax ginseng I took too, I have taken ginseng ginkgo arginine and yohimbine together multiple times but the ginger or cinnamon was a bit more than my body could handle.

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Just take it easy!! Some members here report boost in EQ just taken ginger/cayenne without yohimbine. Too much does not mean better. Life is a lesson everyday we learn something knew. Hope your learn from your mistakes

Originally Posted by bluray
So this got me wanting to play around with herbs and spices the other day right, I was out of cayenne but I mixed up some cinnamon, ginger, and took Ginkgo Biloba, L-arginine, and yohimbine. Do you guys know what happened to me??? I started feeling like I was having an anxiety attack even though I was just sitting in a chair reading then I went blind in my left eye and was seeing the most brilliant colors so I guess I was on the verge of passing out from the mix for a good 20 minutes. The entire time all I could think was damn is this what it feels like to die? But I was just tripping balls.

That sounds like a really good mix. Likely it was the ginkgo biloba as I’ve had similar results from that alone. Mind you I’ve never had L-arginine or Yohimbine either. I’d ask you to try your mix but without the biloba and see what happens… but I may appear to not care for your personal well-being.

An interesting tidbit about Ginkgo Biloba I found a while ago and thought thundersplace might be interested.…kills?art_pos=1

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Jawbone if it was just passing out or getting sick I would try again for the sake of gaining the knowledge but going blind was a horrible experience I won’t be able to do anything like that…..for awhile.

Though later in the day I had a nice flaccid which I credit to the stack of drugs.

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Originally Posted by horsedick99
You may try tadalafil combination and see how it works! The only disadvantage of tadalafil is when you take daily the effect will decrease and to get hard will take awhile; but maybe ginger and cayenne may give you extra boost.

You may try and share with us your experience

Yes, that was my guess too, hope ginger+cayenne works fine (like Jawbone reported some post back) and then I can cycle tadalafil to avoid a decrease in the effects.

I will share the experience here ;) Kind regards

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This shit works. I got the hardest wood ever a few hours after taking it. I only took the Cayenne pepper and ginger in powder form. But beware the stuff is hot.!

This has been one educational thread. Thank you Horsedick!

Ok, since I am a bit lazy and don’t want to make my own capsules, this is what I’ve found. I’d like some input on whether this seems like the right amounts:

Cayenne capsules - 600mg 90 day supply for around $5
Ginger root capsules - 1100mg 180 day supply for around $11

Seems like reasonable prices, but is the quantity per serving (listed) about right?

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Originally Posted by Formula1
Doesn’t pure cayenne powder absolutely burn you up? I am very sensitive to spicy things. Even mild chicken wings will make me sweat.

I have taken Yohimbe in the past and it made me very jumpy and nervous.

Word. I took Yohimbe in the past and my heart was racing and I was sweating. I can’t also imagine eating a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The stuff I have will make your eyes bleed it’s so strong.

Guys, don’t waste your time with capsulated stuff. It’s been dead so long it will have lackluster results. Get raw ginger and some quality cayenne. I get mine in a bag, the cayenne pepper that is that comes in a small box at the tree hugger granola bar shop. The stuff I guarantee will have you pissing fire out your ass if you take the amount you guys are talking about.

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Originally Posted by Esc
Honestly, this isn’t that useful until you try cayenne and ginger without the yohimbine.

I agree. I hate morons who live in the Dark Ages like they have never heard of the scientific method. At least it’s fun to HYPOTHESIZE how many times and how hard I would have to make the same EVALUATIONS as the OP.

This is an interesting thread indeed. I am also curious about just taking the cayenne and ginger capsules rather than the powders. I would like to know for those on this regimen if you have noticed more fullness in the glans. For the OP how long are you planning on continuing this as a daily supplement and do you think your body will become dependent on it? Can’t function without my mix.

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Anyone else try cinnamon in with this mix like I did yet?

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Where is the best place to get yohimbine ?



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