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Finasteride 0'2 mg

Finasteride 0'2 mg

Good evening;

We had problems with our data bases today at work so I spent my time trying to get as much information as possible about hair loss - treatments and side effects.

I’ve read a lot, I’m tired of reading but anyway I will spend my last energy to write one thing which I think is interesting.

Searched in forums -english and spanish-, viewed websites involving hair loss treatments, read extensive medical reports about drugs and natural methods for hair loss, had a look in which is a community against FS… and, avoiding personal opinions from people who had problems and also avoiding personal opinions about people who recommend “miracle” therapies, also avoiding opinions of people who says FS works without side effects, I found something in a spanish website:

“… finasteride dose is effective in a dose of 0’2 mg involving a 50% DHT reduction in hair, while the commercial Propecia used for hair loss is 1 mg and involves a reduction of 60% of DHT in hair; anyway, Merck laboratories sell the 1 mg Propecia because it avoids more DHT conversion from testosterone… a dose of 0’2 mg would be almost so effective as a dose from 1 mg, with less risk to experience side effects, and it’s cheaper… also has been demonstrated that the 5 mg dose FS from Proscar reduces about 70% DHT in hair, and that the minimum dose to equal the placebo effects is 0’05 mg, being doses over 0’1 mg effective, it means a dose 10 times weaker has almost the same effect…”

I’ve read a lot of information, including alternative methods (like saw palmetto) and aaaaaall the things which doesn’t work. I hope this information will be useful for more than one of you.

Take care

Yes, it’s good to know all the risks which we are exposed to using FS, also knowing it doesn’t happen very often… but it happens. Like you say, everyone should have a look and see this site.

Now I will have a break of FS and I will start with tongkat to see how it works, maybe one or two months, after I’ll start with the 0’2 dose, depending on how I feel and how my head looks like :-P

I know you’ve read this before, but I need to make a remember note: saw palmetto also blocks DHT, so users can experience same side effects than with FS.

Good night!

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