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For the Finasteride users...

For the Finasteride users...

I know a lot of people here are taking finasteride w/o a prescription by ordering from an online pharmacy (I too am guilty of this). My question is…when you go to a doctor, whether it be a check-up or something serious, do you tell them you are taking Fin? Do they ask who prescribed it to you? I would very much like to avoid looking like an idiot in this situation :) thanks!

I actually pay “regular” price for mine and have a real prescription. But if I was buying it elsewhere, I certainly would tell my physician what medications I’m taking. Unless you’re in a place where you have only one doctor who could prescribe it, most wouldn’t ask (IMO).

I am purchasing it from the internet without prescription. Actually, I’d rely on my own judgement if it’s worth telling it to medical staff, depending on the issue I am having. If I am visiting a osteopath due to problems with an aching ellbow, I see no point in letting him know. But in general, I’d have no problem in telling anybody that I get my fin from the internet. I even told my local pharmacy that I save money this way. She was very understanding - and I am sure whenever the supply by internet disrupts, she’d be the first selling some to me without a prescription ;)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I told my doctor I take Fin.. he doesn’t ask any questions about where I get it because its not really his business.


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