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does anyone know of a good source of finasteride? Is propecia the trade name for finasteride or does propecia *contain* finasteride?

Do a google search for “fincar finast” and you’ll find the site I ordered from. I think it’s 2 of the first 3 links. I got it in about 2 weeks. Price was very good, about $6 per month for me(using 1.25mg per day).

Finasteride is the active ingredient in Propecia and Proscar, the difference between them being that Propecia contains 1mg finasteride and Proscar cotains 5mg. If you want to save money you buy Proscar and cut it up into quarters. If you want to save even more money you order from India.

Do some searches on google, cipla and dr reddy should get you something from india and just regular proscar should get you to some online sources, the best depends on where you are and if you have a rx and such.

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thanks guys….do i need a prescription for these or can I just order online?

duuhhhh!!! you already answered that. sorry, i’m reading something else while i’m typing.

these days you can order damn near anything online, no Rx needed. Its really the wild west out there. Its a neutral issue to me as a pharmacist, as we are the gatekeepers either way (must go thru a pharmacists hands here and presumably overseas.)

At first, you could get any non controlled substance (blood pressure, antibiotics, etc).

Then you could get C-IV controlled substances (valium, phentermine, etc)

And finally I got a spam mail from some place that actually allows me to order schedule III opiate narcotics, such as Tylenol #3, Vicodin, and the like!
Whats in it for them is they screw you over on prices, but the online/no-Rx convenience factor makes it worthwhile.

So in that respect, finasteride/Propecia/Proscar is the least of whats available online. However, never turn down access to a physician who would be amenable to prescribing what you want outright, as local prices at a local drug store with prescription in hand will get you them much cheaper.


If inquiring minds want to know, Propecia has 1mg finasteride because it is the recommended dose to regrow hair, and was created and marketed as such. Proscar is the 5 mg dose, and is the dose that suppresses conversion of testosterone—>DHT at a level sufficient to treat prostatic hypertrophy/prostate Ca. Consequently, as most prescription plans won’t pay for drugs perceived as cosmetic or vanity oriented, they might not fill Propecia (vanity) but will gladly fill Proscar, which is used for serious stuff like BPH and prostate cancer and would always be taken seriously. Good brand. Bad brand. Same drug. You can beat ‘em at their own game by having the doc prescribe Proscar only.


--- Southpaw

Southpaw, you are a pharmacist? I have a technical question. A long time ago, before Rogaine, my pharmacist used the pill form (minoxodil?), ground them up very fine and put them into a solution that i could apply topically.

My ques. is, could a person do the same thing with propecia or proscar? Is there something about it that would prohibt it being absorbed by the scalp? If this worked, it would put more of the chemical where it’s needed, and less in the rest of the body, therefore, maybe less chance of side effects.


I´m not a pharmasist but I have some input anyway.

Loniten is the name of minox in pill form btw.

When it comes to topical fin I know of some people who have tried it and it didn´t seem to do much. The two main potential problems I see is first that the molecule could be too big to be absorbed topically, but I don´t think that´s the case with fin. Second, and what probably is the real problem, it´s hard to get high enough concentration to make an effective topcial of it, especially by yourself. This meaning that it would fall out instead of dissolve and that you would have to make a creamform of it instead and then it becomes a pain to apply.

Of course you could experiment with it, dissolving a few tabs in alcohol (and figure out the concentration) and apply for at least three months and then evaluate. Then increase or possibly decrease the concentration.


you don´t need a prescription, but if you have one you have more options. That´s how I ment it. Sometimes it´s cheaper to get drugs locally with a rx and sometimes it´s cheaper to order online where you don´t need one. Depends on the drug and your location.

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Topical fin wont work. It targets the type of 5AR that acts on the base of the hair root.

Mrbigstick : Take FIN and you will not see any PE gains.

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Also if I was on FIN, I would be on 6oxo. Jacking up T is gonna make more E.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Jones8315, why don’t you just stick to your ratlab thread and try to convince your mates over there - what are your gains anyway, not being on Propecia? What exactly is your mission? You should be busy applying hormone cream onto your peepee and waiting for gains instead of telling people they won’t gain on Propecia.

To be frank: I don’t respect you and I don’t like your personality. Is there anything else on your mind but E and T?

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Propecia lowers DHT. DHT is responsible for maintenance and repair of the penis. These are facts. Nobody asked you to like me, I find it is not uncommon in people who are uninformed.

Seeing how testosterone is directly related to PE, and estrogen which is directly related to penis shrinkage, I am not sure why anyone would think not to consider these two hormones of utmost importance.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


Please play nice in the sandbox. There is no new shipment of sand coming in soon. So we must make do at getting along as best we can with each other. I for one don’t want to break up my smoking time to get medieval.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Penis shrinkage is a bad thing indeed! It was almost funny when my girlfriend saw my dick for the first time she said: I thought you’re on Propecia to grow hair on your scalp, not down there. I was all shaved… so what was she talking about? She continued “OMG - this one sole hair is stiffening….” She then lifted her head and looked into my face and said “Anyway, you look so handsome with all your hair on your head”

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Twatteaser, sorry for this. In my case it wasn’t T or E - it was C, makes me impatient and blurs my judgement. I will behave now!

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

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