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Enlarging pills 100 money back guarantee

Enlarging pills 100 money back guarantee

I was reading my fhm mag the other day and in the back they had advertising for pills and what not. If they’re all money back guaranteed why don’t more people use them? The one I found interesting is androenlarge. You have to order 3 months or more but you get an extra month to return it. Example if you order 3 months supply you get 4 months to return and if you order 6 months supply, you get 7 months to return. So if it doesnt work why can’t you just get your money back?

Most of these money back offers are used under the knowledge that most people wont bother to get there Money back. Its sort of similar to rebates, there will always be a group of people who wont send them out.

Warranties and Guarantees are great business. They make you feel all warm inside when the seller knows statistically you just won’t send it back. Too much trouble, too embarrassed (especially with the topic), etc…

I am sure someone with better knowledge will explain better than my sleepy ass can.

Night, night….

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Well if it didnt work you better know I’m getting my money back.just like rebates I always do that too. How is it too much trouble and too embarrasing to send it back?

No doubt the number they will have you call for the rebate will be continuously busy, and with no hold queue; they’ll just ask you to “call back at a less busy time.” The money-back-guarantee is very sketchy with a lot of those things.

You are dumb. They don’t work so who cares what the guarantee is?
Examples of how they will fuck you:
—Simply not send your money back, declare bankruptcy or go out of business before you get it. I think Longitude did this before the feds shut them down.
—Think of bogus excuses to reject your request, because you didn’t fill out the right form, or didn’t include the original bottle, or you waited too long, or whatever, they wait about 2 or 3 months before they tell you you are rejected, so then you start over, fill out all the right paper work and submit again, and wait 2 or 3 more months.
— They change their mailing address or phone number
—They never answer the phone.
—They just say they never got your request

Don’t waste your time. They are lying scumbags to sell enlargement pills in the first place, so why would you think they would be honest with you if you want your money back?
Not to say you won’t get it. You might. Eventually.

Horny Bastard

Touch, you’ve been here since at least October, so you’ve probably seen how the overwhelming consensus around here is that pills don’t work and are a waste of money. But, still, it seems like you’re interested in trying them. So, buy some and let us know how it goes.

In the interest of something resembling science, here’s something you could do that I, for one, would appreciate: before you start taking the pills, take a picture of your erect cock, measured along side a ruler, and post it here. Buy the pills, take them as directed, and post similar pictures every month. Also give us a periodic account of whatever else you might be doing PE-wise. Thanks.

Try picking a brand that doesn’t contain rat faeces (harder than it might sound).

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Soooo… rat feces (colonial spelling…lol) must be the inhibiting factor in growth!

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Saying you get your money back and actually getting your money back are 2 different things. Besides, the pills don’t work, so don’t buy them in the first place. Then you don’t have to worry about getting your money back.

If the people selling these pills lie about how well they work, why do you think they would have any trouble lying about giving you your money back?

Ike had a good idea. Do an experiment and let us know, touch, and while your at it, I’ll sell you my special formula for removing wrinkles, curing baldness, and melting away those extra pounds around your midsection. Money back gaurantee. I promise!

Horny Bastard

According to what I know in the USA,
the PE pill companies were sued and they lost 30 Millions for fraud. It means officially it’s just a fraud.

I personally bought two times and it didn’t work. In the web page it says you will see gains with one bottle but when you get it, it says that you will need to buy more bottles. I know of people here that spent a lot money on that stuff.

Do a search in this site and you will find the article somewhere it was a national new.

Ah, and of course I didn’t ask for my money back.

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