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this guy seems very convincing

this guy seems very convincing

check this site out on these PE pills


i read the whole thing and he might be for real not just an advertizing scheme.

could these pills actually work?


we have to move this to the suppliment section


Alice in Wonderland

This forum is one of the very rare PE resources on the net that really doesn’t have any interest in promoting any products.

A guy that says he got 2.5 inches in six weeks, plus lists the different methods of PE without mentioning jelquing and other natural excersizes, and saying that pills is the only natural way with real results.. well, I think you shouldn’t waste even another minute of your time (not to mention your money) in that site.

Instead just read as much as you can over here and keep doing the real work, unfortunately there are no magic pills short cuts just yet.

They should be sentenvced to prison loll,,if pills would work, then we would have atleast someone here that would tell us he gained 2 inches ny some pills, and no PE-workout of course. Have we seen any here? NO

Don't believe his "convincing" story...

First off, if I was going to sell a penis enlargement pill, you better believe my ad would be as convincing as possible. Regardless as to whether or not it worked. I mean, when you’ve got about 20-30 different brands of penis enlargement pills on the market, which are you going to go with? Obviously the one which seems the most convincing. And the scam artists know this. What they do is they pretend to be a guy who has no connection to the PE pill he’s pitching, when actually he does. He gives some ok reviews about a few pills, rags on other pills, and then tells you about the pill which supposedly gave him amazing gains. Almost every single one of those pills has a “non-connected” person pitching for their pill somewhere on the internet. But the point is they are all herbs, and they are all very close to the same thing. So if he tried one product for a few months, then another for a few months, then another and another before he got to the one he is pitching, then that means he’s really been using PE pills for months on end (regardless as to which brand they are). So really, if he is telling the truth, all he is telling you is that the pills require you to use them for a very long time in order to get results. Let’s says he’s telling the truth, then he really was getting results from the other pills but the his body didn’t really start responding until he started using his pitched pills. So if he got results then, he would have gotten results regardless as to which pill he was taking when the results came. I’ve used these pills for 3 months now, and I’ve noticed no gains. They do make my erections harder and more frequent however. I am able to reach 100% erection state easier and more often because of them. But if I want to see actual length and girth gains, then I need to do exercises to stretch the ligament and expand the penis, which can only come through a good PE program. I’ve started this PE program a week ago and I can already feel it’s benefits. I’m not going to measure until a month from now, but it definitely feels like it’s working. From my experience, if you want to increase your libido, go with the pills. If you want to increase your size, put in the hard work and effort. Good things come to those who work hard and wait. Ask the guys on this board, and everyone who’s made great gains will tell you they worked very hard for them. It’s the only way…


Damn straight bro!

yeah, im 100% sure they wont work either:(

but dont they give money back guarentee’s on like a 30 day trail? so whats the harm in trying it and just it could work.

so one one here at all has got results from these pills?

Beware of money back guarantees!

Some of these sites claim they give money back guarantees but then make it thoroughly impossible to get your money back. There are all sorts of stipulations and such. Like the company I get from gives a 30 day refundability option, BUT says you need to take the pills for 3-4 months to see results. So if you try the pills for 3-4 months and get no results, you can’t get your money back because they only gave you 30 days to try them out before you could return them. But how were you supposed to know if they were going to work or not after 30 days? A lot of these places are very shady. They give a company name, but really they are connected to another company. So it takes a lot of digging and searching to find the real company behind the products. And they do that on purpose so the average Joe can’t make enough of an effort to track them down and do something about his claim. And should they be doing bad on the market, the company behind the PE pill company can stop marketing that pill and pretty much rename it and put the same thing out with a different campaign. Then everyone will think it’s something new and improved based off everyone elses findings, when in reality its just a libido enhancer. I’ll continue to buy these pills because it gives me an unearthly libido. I saw my ex-girlfriend the other day, and one thing led to another until we ended up in bed, and we had sex for 4 hours straight! LOL! NON-STOP! It was great! I’m very pleased with the libido enhancements since I am still young to begin with and have a great libido. But as for worrying about length/girth gains from these pills, I won’t hold my breath… ;-)

-Jonnie D.

Besides, what if they simply don’t return the money ? I doubt anyone will sue them and drag his case into court, letting a dozen people know that he bought penis enlargement pills.

donnie, your are very right. what you just said makes so much sense. its just a right out f*cking internet scam, plain and simple. thanks for helping me understand the true scam i originally thought it was:)

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