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Celery/celery supplements effect on erections

Celery/celery supplements effect on erections

Has anyone experimented with raw celery and/or celery in supplement from and it’s effects on erection levels.

Does anyone happen to know where to buy celery seed in pill form. It wasn’t a pretty sight the other day when I tried eating celery. The seeds aren’t too bad, but the stalk is on me. No luck in google world, hoping someone here can help.

I hope they aren’t like fish oil capsules and cause a “celery burp.” Celery isn’t one of my favorites, and I’d hate to taste that all day. :fie:

I’ll let you know about that. I defintely hate celery, but am curious about the benefits. I wish I could eat celery, it would be cheaper. :)

I noticed I had a raging hard erection one day when I ate a bit more celery than usual, right before doing 45 mins of cardio. I thought it was the Yohimbe I was on, but the next day I realized it had to be the celery as I had stopped eating it yet was still on the pills.

I will test this again soon… although I heard having a strong heart (aka lots of aerobics) can influence erection strength too.

Oh and btw, I hadn’t had a hard on that strong stince I was a teenager, it was scary. I could barely move the thing with kegels it was so full, lol.

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Originally Posted by sparkyx
How about drinking fresh celery juice?

If you have a juicer…it’ll be cheap and probably good for your health.

Isn’t celery a good detoxifier?

Now this IS getting interesting.
A few months back I was drinking vegetable juice (V8’s) by the case full and I did notice a plumper flaccid and a better hard on during sex.
I thought maybe it had something to do with the acid content of the tomato juice. Now you’re talking celery, hmm…..

Freaky, I just had home made celery juice today, and I’ve been clamping throughout the day- something I just don’t usually achieve. However procrastination is also playing a huge factor.. :)

There is a spice from Africa called afromomum (sp?) that is a bit like pepper, and also have aphrodisiac effects. It has been made into a pill called Bio-Vigora. I tried it before and it works well, although it causes me some stomach problems.

Celery seed should be available in the spice section at your local grocery.

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