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carbs, fats, and proteins


Since I am trying a macrobiotic diet right now there is no way I can agree with this theory. The authors of all the macrobiotic diet books can point to a ton of studies, too. Pan eats healthy, but it is still a carbohydrate rich diet. I do agree that wheat is not something we should consume- I have generally been wheat and gluten free for a long time. I also do not think we should be consuming a lot of dairy, as our bodies are not designed to utilize it. I have been relatively dairy free for a long time also.

I haven’t heard a word here about vegetarianism and the health they enjoy as well as the length of life they enjoy. I do not think the millions of vegetarians on this planet will support the disease theories of their type of diet. Indeed, they have a very low incidence of serious disease in general- much lower than most of the population.

I used to get paid (before my disability) to teach the current food pyramid. Do I think it is perfect? No, I do not. But I rather tend to believe that it is only a few foods that are not healthy to eat. I do tell my classes about my experiences with no wheat and dairy- but it is up to them to decide how to handle those issues.

Is wheat going away- never- it won’t happen in our lifetime. Too many people depend on it as an inexpensive staple to their diet. Is dairy going away- not in our lifetime. Are the beef growers going to stop using efficient methods of getting their product to market- isn’t going to happen.

We can discuss what is healthy and what isn’t- but we live in the real world. Very little is going to change, so I teach my students how to eat based upon the foods that are available and will continue to be available well past my death. The ‘fringe’ diets will never take hold- if you believe otherwise you aren’t living on the same planet I am.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Hey Torso,

Ever hear of overgrazing?? Grass takes care of itself only to a point. Drought and too much grazing does it in. Also, I think you meant mad cow disease instead of hoof and mouth.

Is the mercury showing up in deep water ocean fish? Or just fresh water varieties??

Why did GM take it’s electric vehicle off the market? It was a decent car.

I caught an article a couple of days ago about a railroad company that was setting up it’s locomotives to use vegoil. The railroad company turned them in to electric generators and is going to sell electricity to a small area in California. Seems there was some kind of subsidy available if they used the vegoil.

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Vegetarian diets don’t exist in nature. Without unnatural supplementation, you won’t get b12 - or carnitine - not to mention other cofactors only found in animal foods. Soy actually increases your need for b12. Vegetarianism is a true diet fad.

Studies have shown that the mortality rate (read nourishing traditions) amoung vegetarians is higher than meat eaters. They die sooner. The country with the most vegetarianism in the world - india - peoples die younger than anywhere else even when other factors are considered - it comes down to the food.

All studies done with certain religious groups have been blown away when the studies are done with meat eating religious groups - the meat eaters live longer and have less degenerative diseases.

Vegetarianism is not a healthy diet without some animal products.

Most vegetarians really just eat gluten grains and dont eat veggies.

And if you are not in favor of gluten grains - then you are pretty much left with rice, some exotic grains like quinoa, starchy veggies, non starchy veggies - the bulk of high carb diets here and abroad is wheat.

Some deep water fish is though to be ok - they metabolize mercury in a way that allows to be excreted from us. However, some fish should be avoided and probably you should moderate your consumption of fish - or get it from a farm that doesn’t feed soy pellets - or eat baby fish like sardines - they don’t have time to accumulate mercury.

Still, quality farm fish might be safest - just check the feed they are getting - of course the best fish is ocean fish but we have to make compromises in this toxic world.

One last thing. Macrobiotic diest are extremely unhealthy. They are missing important nuturients. I rather eat a crappy americamn diet than that. I’ve known people indirectly who have died following that diet. Even the originators died from cancer I think.

If the diet is basically just rice or soy and no anmial products - I’d be real careful.


Could you please provide some links or anything to back up your claims regarding vegetarianism and a macrobiotic diet. I would love to read them, as I have never seen anything supporting your statements anywhere. I must be looking in the wrong places, so some links would be nice. I would hope you would have them handy given the certainty of your statements. Thanks.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

In a sense, a healthy diet will include a good number of carbs - but carbs with tremendous amounts of fiber per serving - which is the non startchy vegetable world. The antioxidants and vitamins these veggies have are important too.

Personally I dont eat tons of meat - I like veggies - they are a true energy food - and a high quality, very long endurance kind of energy - not that rollercoaster moody bipolar energy from grains - especially gluten ones.

Coupled with some animal foods, which are the best sources of iron and so many vitamins and minerals (they even have vitamin c in small amounts - a study was done at bellevue hospital in the late 20’s where one man ate just meat for a year - only meat - no scurvy, perfect health - and he felt great!)

I like some starchier foods for variety - rice sweet potatoes - but I eat small amounts - Dairy I don’t like. I use butter which is mostly just fat but pasteurized milk is a food unfit for human consumption due to enzyme destruction, antibiotics, all the crap.

Raw dairy from “safe farms” might be good for some but I’ve tried them and i do better without high protein dairy products - even yogurt. Howevre, very healthy peoples have used raw dairy in the pasts as staples so in the raw form, without the chemical crap like antibiotics and bad feed, it might be healthy for some insppite of the fact that it is a product designed for baby calves not humans.

Sorry, double post.

I sit here.........................

Eating 2 day old Cinnasticks from Domino’s Pizza with These Sweet Sauce. Delicious! Drinking a cold can of genuine Coca-Cola. I am doing this while trying to follow the “When Nutritionists Attack” thread.

Could you please be a liitle more in depth for the dipshit junk food eaters pigging out while reading the thread? it is hard to follow. I place it like to Psychatrists arguing with jargon about how crazy I am. It just goes over my head. ;)

Thank you! TT

I’ll make it simple and in depth.

You are eating crap. Enjoy!

Thank You

I need a wet nap now as I have the Cinamon dust on the monitor and keyboard. Plus the mouse.

Actually, with Macrobiotics, I think it was his wife that died from cancer eating his way - but I’m not sure. I remember the story was that she was told by him that she wasn’t strict enough with the diet - how cruel is that? I could be wrong - this was long ago when I was interested in macrobiotics - I’ll look it up later but I got to go to work now.

But it should be clear that even Japan eats anything but a vegetarian diet - consuming very healthy animal foods in abundance, and in some cases, more that here.


about eating nothing than meat for a year, I read somewhere recently that two Swedish doctors ate like that under supervision with a American institute, not long ago.

They were also perfectly healthy with no bad levels of anything after this year.

I must try to find that article again, to see if there is more info about it. I wonder if they went raw or cooked (cooked probably).



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