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What exactly is a donut effect?

What exactly is a donut effect?

I’m a little confused about the donut effect. As I understand it, it’s the result of vigorous jelqing where you’ll end up with fluids near the head of the penis. Is that right? I can’t visualize it somehow. Are there pictures that show exactly what that condition would look like?

By the way, where’s the glossary? There are some terms like LOT that I’m not familiar with. Thanks, this forum is great!

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Read the first thread in the Main Member Forum and it will explain LOT. There is a glossary link at the bottom of every page.

There may be a donut pic in the Pumper’s Forum, or possibly the Injury Forum. Maybe someone that knows where a donut pic is will post a link.

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A donut is caused by an accumulation of lymph fluid from aggressive jelqing or over vacuum pumping. Here is a pic of one provided by avocet8 in a previous thread on this topic:

What a "donut" looks like


Thanks for the link. I finally understand. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say.

Does it stay when erect?

Originally Posted by liloveravg
Does it stay when erect?

Although not as noticeable when erect, yes it stays. It disappears anywhere from a few hours to over night as the body reabsorbs the excess lymph fluid.

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