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Donut effect and pumping procedure?

Donut effect and pumping procedure?

I have been trying for about two weeks now. Up to 3 x 15min session @ 4-5Hg. At the end of the 3rd session, there’re some donut effect. After about 15 min or so massage, it flattened and disappears in about two hours.

My questions are:

- Should I reduce pressure and time to prevent the donut from appearing? Or is it Ok to let it come and go?

- Over time, will the donut threshold increase? Meaning I can sustain longer session at higher pressure without the side effect. Or is this an individual limit that you can’t overcome by much?


Your pressure’s in the right range. Maybe you just have a doughnut proclivity?

The more you make one, the more likely you are to get one during the time you are conditioning yourself.

Drop your pressure just a bit. If that doesn’t work, wrap the area and pump wrapped. You sure you didn’t get interested in higher pressures and experiment a little?

peforeal knows about wrapping. He had the same problem. If he doesn’t see this thread of someone else doesn’t chime in, I’ll nudge him to respond. Meanwhile, don’t let it make you crazy. It would probably take weeks of pumping to make that your norm - just a guess.



Donut effect minimized


It sounds like you are having a natural amount of the donut effect considering that you are under the pump for 45 minutes. The fact that it disappears with massage and after two hours indicates that it’s not an excessive amount of “donuting”. Now, if you wish to further minimize this effect you can try the following:

Tightly wrap a one-inch wide area below the glans and on/above your circumcision scarline (if you have one) whenever you pump. I use the ace self-adhesive bandage (from any pharmacy dept) which grips and holds itself together extremely well. Any other appropriate facsimile will do too. I do this to prevent any kind of donut in that area, to which I am susceptible if I pump for more than one hour. Leave the wrap on throughout your entire pumping session. When you are done, also leave the wrap on for an additional 30-60 minutes to prevent fluid buildup from occurring as your dick recovers from the pumping experience. Now, take off the wrap and you’ll see your dick plump and more even without an extreme donut effect.

Another method you can use to try to minimize the donut effect is to pump and release more frequently, like every 5 minutes. When you release the pump, take your dick out of the cylinder and massage/dryjelq it to help maintain an evenness to your pumped dick throughout your session. If your dick begins to take on a donut effect, it’s time to quit for the day and take a break until your next session.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


I’ll try the wrapping. I felt the rest of it can take on more beaten.

Thank you very much.

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