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Question about the donut effect

Question about the donut effect

NOTE: I have searched this already.

Last week, I went up in jelq time to 25 minutes. After that first session, I had that good pump that everyone talks about. But after next days session, I had the donut effect. I rested for a couple a days, and after today’s session, it came back.

I’ve heard several ideas about this such as fluid buildup, which seems reasonable because it doesn’t hurt; but it is hard.

Question: Is there a vein that runs around below the head?

I plan on going to a 1 on/1 off routine now to give him more rest and cut back jelqing time and intensity. If I continue to jelq, will this damage my dick in any way? Anyone know how to make this go away?


Nevermind. I’ll figure it out.

To SuperStroker

Question: Is there a vein that runs around below the head?

Yes, there is and you can damage/thrombose it. I did so and have been out of the loop of PE for almost a month. I believe this was due to too much intensity too quickly. It is often echoed on this board to take it slow until your cock is conditioned and this definitely applies. My experience resulted in a hard ring/vein just underneath the glans. After three and a half weeks off, it is finally better and almost gone. I will have to start over as a newbie this time but with a whole new perspective and respect for my cock and its’ limitations. Later

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hey superstroker,

BigCat is absolutely right. there is a vein (if it isn´t a vein (chi and me have been talking about this recently) then at least something similar which carries some fluid) running above the shaft and ending somewhere on the left and right side to the head. i guess they can be easily thrombosed.
if you are interested in this then you´d like to look up two posts:
first injury…. and rare one too (main member forum)
is this a trombosed vein (injury forum)

like bigcat was i am suffering from this injury and i have to wait till it´s gone…. so don´ t overdo it…. better to wait a little longer than to ignore it…. if you ignore and injury then you might injure yourself in a serious way so you have to rest much longer….


It occurs after/during jelqing, but goes away over the course of the day. Basically, after that 25 minute session at the circumcision scar, it looked like fluid build up, but it was hard. It didn’t hurt when it was puffy, and it doesn’t hurt now. That’s why I was asking if there was a vein there, but I think if it was thrombosed, it would hurt like hell.

Well, the next day, I did some light jelqing for about 15 minutes, and there wasn’t hardly any fluid build up, just a little bit puffy; but nothing like the day before. The day after that, I did 20 minutes, medium intensity, and mr.happy appeared fine like the 15 minute session. Today, I notice that he started to puff up around the 20 minute mark, so I stopped. There wasn’t as much build up, but it was there.

Now, 10 hours later, I noticed with an erection that there is no swelling or hard build up spots. It seems a little puffy, but it’s flush with the shaft, so I guess it’s always been like that. In the morning after my session, I usually follow up with an erection, and there’s usually the hard ring there. So, if it goes away, then it’s just the donut effect, correct?

I guess my limit is 15 minutes and light to medium intensity. But like I said, it doesn’t hurt. If I press on it, it feels a little uncomfortable (kinda like the feeling of stretching your skin). Any thoughts are very appreciated!

ok, I’m not cut so I don’t get the fluid build up in the same place but I do get fluid at the end of my foreskin after a good jelqing session. I treat this as normal and an indication that I’ve taken the session as far as I need. Its always gone the next day.

When we jelq we are are trying to effect the meat of the penis and a side effect it fluid build up in the outer skin. I think massive inflamation is just something to live with if/when you take your session further than maybe you should.

I’m now doing a max 15 min session (I was doing 1/2 hour) and I get very little inflamation (still a bit but not too bad) but I jelq as intensely as possible. Its too soon for me to tell the effect this has on growth but at the end I feel like the meat is as worked out as before with longer less intense sessions.

I got a damn doghnut!

I looked down after a session of 10min rest 10min, jelq10 min rest, jelq10. After I got soft I have a little extra tube right before the head. Damn, I guess it’s just a dumb newbie move. I really worked that thing though.

I am interested in beginning PE again. I tried a few years ago and experienced what is described here. In fact, I was going to log in and ask about it and then found this thread.

I have not experienced the doughnut so much as the hard vein near the glans and on the under left side of the shaft. In fact, I wasn’t sure it really was a vein I was feeling but when it was at it’s worst, I was able to trace about an inch of it. I could really only describe the effect as something like a “penile hernia” :) Anyhow, I was worried that it would be permanent damage. But, it seemed to go away after a month or so when I stopped. I tried jelqing again a couple of years later and I noticed it coming back out again so I stopped immediately. I guess maybe I have to work into this REALLY slowly if I don’t want to cause any kind of permanent damage. I may try other PE exercises besides jelqing but I need to read more on this forum to see what is recommended for conditioning first if not jelqing.

Hey Guys,

I just got done yesterday after pumping and noticed a doughnut around the head of my penis. It was a very large fluid filled sack but after a few hours it went down and I feel these nodules under the skin behind the right side of the head. I can move then but they hurt bc they are near a nerve. I have stopped pumping, so do you guys know what this is? THe nodules are hard but moveable..It is hard to describe. PLEASE HELP!!

I ended up going to the Urologist today and he told me that it was a thombosed vain. He gave me a precription for antinflammitory pills and told me to lay off the pumping until this got better.

I have had the same problem and it only appears when my penis is very stressed. I got it when I was younger (like 13) because of to much masturbation and I totally freaked out. Now in the older days it appears almost every time I do PE but I have found a way to get rid of it pretty quickly. After the workout I just soak my penis with a warm cloth for 10 minutes and after that massages that particularly Vein (or whatever it is) for a couple of minutes and then it is gone. After a Couple of hours it may sometimes come back but it always disappears during the night and in the morning everything is back to normal. So I don’t get very worried anymore :)

I just got this fluid build up on my right side, just below the head. It scared the shit out of me but this seems to be quite common. I will soak my penis with a warm cloth as best_jeppe advised. Hopefully the fluid will withdraw.

Thank god for this forum right now =)

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Just my luck. Why does everything has to go wrong in my life. Now I have to stop PE for a month for this donut to go away. I think I will kill someone for sure.

Thanks guys for the advice.

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