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Vein growth

Vein growth

I think I’ve figured out why I’m not able to heal. After doing erect jelqs a while back, I noticed that my base girth had dramatically shrunk.

I’ve been told by numerous people to “wait and rest”. Unfortunately, I don’t think waiting will regrow veins or arteries that might have been broken when I was erect jelqing.

I’ve lost length AND girth due to erect jelqing, but I’m afraid that the length and girth won’t grow back.

I’m also battling pornography addiction and I’m not sure how I can help my body heal.

The urologist told me that “nothing was wrong” and I was fine, which is bullshit.

I’m getting plenty of sleep, eating great and working out so I’m not sure what else I can do to help my body heal itself, or if I am permanently disabled.

My primary concern is that while I can still get erections, they aren’t strong or filling up my penis completely, it feels like there is limited access. If I did hurt blood flow at the base, what can I do to remedy the situation?

Resting is what you need bro, that is the time that your body repairs its self so try to be patient.

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